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Ziel Aerca


A thoroughfare in Ziel Aerca
The capital city of the Principality of Moonstone.



Ziel Aerca, a paradise upon Telath. A place where dreams are born, and fortunes are made and lost in one night. Massive stone spires stretch into the skies, and the city is alight with the flare and flashing lights of illusion magic. Yet, it is a city with multiple personalities, and nowhere else in Aelyria is the gap between the rich and the poor so apparent. Crime and poverty in the ultra-luxurious Central District is virtually non-existent, with arcanic force response time within minutes, and clients for whom an expense of ten thousand crowns is merely a note in the ledger. However, within the Malian Kame district, thousands of people live a uniquely free existence, governed only by the rules of the local culture and the thick underbelly of the underground society.


The city of Ziel Aerca initially developed around the fortress of Dar Havark in the province of Centripax. Through unknown means it was later teleported to a location in Lauryl, situated just west of the Great Centripax Basin. It was later dubbed the capital of the newly established province of Moonstone.
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The culture of Ziel Aerca varies wildly depending on where in the city one is. The Central district remains relatively tolerant of all races, as long as they have coin to spend. Wealth, rather than race, reigns in such a place. Racial tensions in the Malian Kame district are considerable, although tourists usually avoid being embroiled in the racially-rooted gang wars unless they offend the locals. A large number of the dark races, including orcs, vysstichi, and goblins, have gravitated to these districts, amassing a degree of power that is tolerated, if not encouraged, by the leaders of the city.

[top]Local Government

Ziel Aerca mostly follows the standard Imperial layout for city government, with a thane in charge and other officials such as the aedile and prefect subordinate. A high council also presides over certain affairs in the city, and both a first and second magistrate provide counsel to the thane.
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  • Population: 20,000
  • Culture: Predominantly humans and elves with a mix of darker races
  • Trade: Drugs, Slaves, Wines, Silk, Jade, Potatoes
  • Landmarks: The Grand Coliseum, The Bird's Nest Peninsula Hotel, Paradise Square


Indefinite, Shei'yein Neydremi

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