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Zan Zu

Credits to Sheng Kaldres

With techniques rumored to come from the giants, it is not surprising that in Zan Zu, strength seemed to be very much emphasized. From what most people can see, Zan Zu is a combat art whereby two people try as hard as they possibly can to wrestle and slam the other down to the ground or to break the other personís bones and flesh. In truth, yes, how to use oneís strength is part of Zan Zu, but there are much more to Zan Zu than just brute strength. It is possible for a dwarf practitioner of Zan Zu to use nothing more than a grip at a correct place to bring a giant down to the knees.

The core of Zan Zu is to engage in close combat with an opponent and to defeat the opponent in very close quarters. It is believed that in close quarters, the impact of attacks is amplified. So comparing with other schools of Zinníka, the distance that a practitioner of Zan Zu is to his or her opponent is very close. So how close is very close? Close enough to see the pores on the skin of the opponent! In addition, much emphasis is put on the ability to take blows. This is so that even if one is being attacked on, the ability to endure blows can bring one closer to oneís opponent and to outlast the opponent in such a fight. Thus, it can be understood that summary of Zan Zu techniques is how to get close, fight in tight spaces and to endure blows after blows to get in an attack.

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