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Vesta Province Map
The Hierocracy of Vesta



Vesta, also commonly known as Hierocracy of Vesta, is the southwestern portion of the province that had once been Carmelyn. It borders the province of Northumbria by the River Rhedrisa, as well as the provinces of Prime, Centripax, Arium and Eunesia by the coast. It is the host to the seat of the Church of the Faith, and is is split into two main regions, Grumblewood and Ioannes Basin.

Official Name: The Hierocracy of Vesta
Capital City: Sacrum
Motto: "For the Faith and for the Sacred Three"
Official Beast: The Eagle
Provincial Colors: Gold, Blue and Red
Provincial Anthem: "The Divine Prayer"
Special Territories: None


After the Xetan Wars, the regions of the Aelyrian Empire were reorganized to better suit cultural and political separations. The former province known as Carmelyn became defunct, separating instead into the very distinct entities of the Republic of Northumbria and the Hierocracy of Vesta. Throughout its history even while known as Carmelyn, Vesta has been considered the seat of religious power and faith for the state-sponsored Church of the Faith, radiating from the capital of Sacrum.
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After its separation from Northumbria, the Hierocracy of Vesta was established as a religious state under the Archprelate of the Church of the Faith, centered at Sacrum. As such, the province is tightly controlled by the priesthood and their various factions and does not adhere to the typical Aelyrian style of provincial government or cabinet.
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Vesta is separated into two distinct regions based on terrain and topography.
The Grumblewood region is typified by stands of deciduous, coastal forest, which resides at the north of the Vesta province along the Sea of Eunesia.
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Ioannes Basin
The Ioannes Basin region encompasses much of the province of Vesta and stretches south from the Grumblewood to the borders of Arium, Centripax, Crown Province of Prime and Northumbria. Much of this region consists of low lying, rolling hills, with the centre of the region being a large and wide valley in which the city of Sacrum resides.
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[top]Major Cities

The major cities within the province of Vesta
Sitting at the very center of the Hierocracy of Vesta on the banks of the River Rhedrisa, the great city of Sacrum, formerly known as Diana, is both the provincial capital as well as the seat of power of the Church of the Faith, the only officially-sanctioned religion in the Aelyrian Empire. Sacrum is a large, sprawling metropolis in its own right, blending its priesthood with mercantile and agricultural endeavors bolstered by its surrounding Ioannes Basin.
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