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The Imperial Bank



The imperial bank is known by many names, the Bank of Aelyria, the Crown Bank, the Royal Bank. Despite its name the Imperial Bank isn't actually part of the government of the Aelyrian Empire. It is perhaps one of the oldest and most famous financial institutions in the empire and their fortunes are generally tied together.

The imperial bank has always been a part of the empire and when people spoke of bank notes, they generally meant promissory notes whose value was guaranteed by the imperial bank. Ever since their recent problems, getting full value out of such promissory notes has become less and less plausible, rendering them relatively useless as economical documents.


The imperial bank was founded in the early days of the Empire by Queen Candace during the Conference of 9217. At the time it was intended as a part of the treasury, but was later made into a civilian entity in 9259 when king Constantine dissolved the Council of the Crown and reorganised the empire.

While the imperial bank technically a civilian organisation, it has always had close ties to the imperial government and their fortunes have historically waxed and waned together. The Empire recently loaned a great deal of money to pay its legions, and its inability to pay back those loans have financially crippled the bank. This has caused even more of an independent bent among the many branches of the imperial bank.


The close ties to imperial government and the general cronyism that suffuses the imperial bank means that getting a loan or access to its financial services is more about who you know than about your financial standing. The lack of oversight from the central branches leads to a great deal of corruption in any of the branches.

[top]Geographical Spread

The imperial bank can be found in all major cities in the empire.

[top]Modus Operandi

The exact working of the various branches of the imperial bank will vary greatly, but in general unless you know the right people the interest is atrocious, the expected return is minimal, the fees are exorbitantly expensive, and the clerks and directors are pocketing the difference.


The imperial bank is known far and wide for its bureaucracy and corruption. Local branches often required the approval of local nobility and they would take lesser members of their houses as the directors of local chapters with little to no oversight, ending up in a variety of local customs and bylaws defining each local branch.

At various points in its history reorganisation has been attempted from the central bank in Aelyria Prime with varying degrees of success. Some branches often had enough political clout to ignore such attempts, others followed them partly, and others again followed them to the letter. As such the local branches have always had a great deal of character and no two branches are exactly alike.

The central bank in Aelyria Prime is technically in charge, and the Banker General sends out ineffective writs at random intervals, trying to keep the various other banking chapters in check. Every seven eras there is the Quorum of Silver, a formal gathering of the various leaders of the imperial bank, though it is typically seen as more of an opportunity to throw a lavish party and few executives outside of Aelyria Prime ever bother to show up.

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