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Staff of Arcana

The creation and uses of a Staff of Arcana.

Enchanted Wood



The Staff of Arcana is a magically crafted tool utilized by mages to ground their power and reduce the negative effects of arcane contamination build-up while casting spells. The process of collecting the materials, constructing the Staff, and the nature of the Staff itself are intrinsically personal to the mage. However, the Staff of Arcana will always appear as a staff. The techniques of construction require the mage to be an Journeyman or higher. Hedgemages cannot use a Staff of Arcana.
Note: All steps to collect materials for and create a Staff of Arcana require moderation.

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[top]Creating a Staff

Only Enchanted Glades contain the sort of latently-powerful wood that is needed to successfully craft a Staff of Arcana. The process of finding, harvesting, and using the wood is a personal quest for the mage in question and helps define their personality, interest, and style: all of which influence the final appearance of the produced Staff.
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[top]Enchanted Glades

Scattered throughout Aelyria, Enchanted Glades are natural reservoirs of energy believed to be perfectly attuned to the Heart of the World. There is a great deal of speculation regarding the power of the Glades. Those who had tried to delve into their mysteries have proven inadequate to the task, and they remain defiant of explanation. They can be extremely difficult to find.

Stepping into an Enchanted Glade is a calming experience where the power there soothes the heart and mind with its deep thrum. They are often considered safe havens against danger but are not a fail-safe; anyone may still be attacked with the glade. Enchanted Glades are always a dazzling mixture of silver and gold hues where the bark and leaves of the surrounding trees a glimmer in sun- and moonlight. Rarely are there ever any other colors present in a Glade.
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[top]Rite of Gifting

It is postulated that the wood and the mage seeking it are paired by forces beyond mortal understandings. Regardless of the reason, the selection process is never pre-determined. Sometimes being near enough to the Enchanted Glade will tell the mage which tree. Other times it can require days of quiet meditation and attunement to find it. To successfully find the correct tree, the mage summons forth pure mana which creates an arcanic interaction with the chosen tree, and a reaction occurs. The sends the mage into a trance or dream-vision much like the one seen during their original Unbinding. Yet this vision will be more akin to a quest, requiring the mage to overcome a series of hurdles to successfully awaken with a length of enchanted wood.

Mages who do not successfully complete their vision-quest will still awaken but without their prize. The process of finding a tree willing to gift them with enchanted wood must begin again; it will never be the same tree as the failed attempt.

[top]Rite of Discovery

After receiving the enchanted wood, the mage must now search out several magical items of personal significance to fuse with the wood. These items are never obvious and never immediately found. Instead, the mage must embark on another quest, this one in the world of the conscious and living, to seek out the items. This usually requires attentive self-discovery and personal reflection, with the tasks varying in number between two to five and their objectives differing greatly between mages.

The items retrieved by these quests can vary in size, shape, and importance. Some examples include skulls, glass orbs, claws, mementos of childhood, an arcane reagent, or others. These items are always identified by a subtle resonation between mage, Staff, and item, and are merged to the wood through another individualized process.

The mage knows that all needed items have been collected when the Staff gives off another sensation akin to a need of being fulfilled, thus urging the mage to complete what they began.

[top]Rite of Naming

To complete the process of the Staff's creation, one more ritual must be performed. The mage must attune the now-built Staff to their personal essence, infusing it with the power of their sphere. They must also finalize the bond between them and the Staff in a process which, again, varies between mages. However, it is always a fiercely and intimately personal rite that may take anywhere from a single brightening to full cycles.

It is also during this rite that the mage gives the Staff its name. The name is intoned, indicating that the staff-caster bond has been finalized. The Staff will react in different ways, sometimes glowing, sometimes humming, and sometimes even floating. With the conclusion of the naming and attuning rite, the mage needs only to speak the name of the Staff to have it summoned into his hand forever after.

[top]Benefits of a Staff

A mage who possesses and uses the Staff of Arcana while casting will have a higher chance of success and a greater degree of effect in their spells. Certain spells require a Staff in the caster’s possession to even be crafted.
Spell Control: At higher ranks, a mage's spells often become more deadly and volatile to the point that they may unintentionally endanger both the caster and the landscape or people around them. Because these spells channel so much power, the Staff allows that power to be calmed (although not completely) as it is unleashed, lessening the amount of inadvertent damage done by the spell.

Spell Effect: Some spells are so intense that the mage is incapable of casting them without the addition of the Staff to help focus the power. In other cases, any mage that endeavors to cast spells with more vis or essence for a single spell than they are generally accustomed will have an easier time containing and focusing the spell with a Staff in their possession.

Contamination: While every spell cast creates residual arcane contamination, the possession of a Staff will reduce the total amount of contamination produced, but never fully eliminate it. This will slow the effects of over-contamination and essence poisoning, and thus indirectly also increases the above two factors.
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[top]Destruction and Repair

Staves of Arcana are not impervious to damage. They can be nicked, gouged, or even snapped like physical objects, as the wood, although more sturdy and stronger than most, is still breakable. The degree of damage determines the negative affect it has on the Staff’s usability. Should the Staff ever be broken, it will cease to have any magical effect.

Staves repair themselves very slowly over time. Its mage can, however, hasten this process by carefully filling it with essence as they did during the Rite of Naming. Depending on the amount of damage, the Staff can take anywhere from several candlemarks to several cycles to fully repair. If any items merged with the Staff have been destroyed or removed, they must be replaced.

If the Staff has been snapped, then all the original wood must be recovered in order to be fused and repaired in a process that may take cycles to months. If some of the pieces cannot be recovered, then the staff is lost and the mage must create a new one.


Credit goes to Nimh for the write-up

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