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Soldiers' Unarmed Combat

Soldiers’ unarmed combat is an unarmed combat skill.
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The art of soldiers' unarmed combat was, from the ground up, created as a militant, yet non-lethal form of unarmed combat for use by the Aelyria Prime garrison. More specifically however, it teaches how to fight in extremely enclosed, urban environments, such as taverns, small rooms and alleys. It is best known for the astounding ability showed by the masters to take a weapon from the hands of a man and inform him that he is under arrest, often before he has a chance to react.

Soldiers' unarmed combat was created by the military and it is tied to the Imperial Legions. Thus, the rise of the legions and their spread across Aelyria means that practitioners of soldiers' unarmed combat can be found all over Aelyria. Where there is a legions garrison, there will be practitioners of soldiers' unarmed combat. However, one tends to find large concentrations of soldiers' unarmed combat practitioners at major military outposts.


In 9568, a squad of men set about creating a new fighting style. This was not through ambition or a sense of duty but through sheer boredom that the group of men decided to come up with soldiers' unarmed combat. The group numbered five in all; a Medonian elf, two humans, a cether and a dorin. Each brought his own skills into the art, turning it into a melting pot of racial ideas.

In 9569 soldiers' unarmed combat was accepted as the official style of the Prime garrison. Since then, it has been refined past the work of five bored soldiers by the efforts of various masters into the art form seen in present brightenings.

[top]Technique Examples

Hammerfist: The main idea behind the Hammerfist is that the hands can be formed into a fist to deliver a devastating blow like a hammer using the bottom of the fist. The Hammerfist is considered to be versatile than as it can be used to hit the temples, the nose or any other parts of the body without any damage to the hands. A powerful version of the Hammerfist uses the spin of the body before hitting an opponent.

Double Kick: With practice and stretching, a fighter can perform a technique known as the Double Kicks. This kick requires the use of the Side Front Kick which is sometimes known as the Roundhouse Kick. To execute the Double Kicks, the fighter uses the Side Front Kick two times, hitting two different places, in quick succession with the same leg.

Arm Lock: The idea behind Arm Lock is to catch the arm of an opponent and then putting pressure on the elbow and forearm, lock the arm in place. As the fighter progresses, the fighter may follow up with a strike or with a throw.


Credit goes to Sheng Kaldres for the original Soldiers' Unarmed Combat write-up.

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