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Sherian Province Map
Confederation of the Sherian



Sherian, also commonly know as Confederation of the Sherian, is the south-eastern most province in the Aelyrian Empire. Recent history has seen this province torn apart by war and unknown events have left much of the southern coast inaccessable due to The Deadlands, an area which stretched from the ruins of Narim and Taralon, full of undead creatures and affected by arcanic contamination. The destruction of the province has also let the orc population grow and expand, where once the Empire had kept them in check. The Sherian Orcs now hold dominion over much of the northern province.

Official Name: The Confederation of the Sherian
Capital City: None (as of Era XXI pf.)
Motto: "Pro Imperio Nostro"
Official Beast: The Serpent
Provincial Colors: Blue and Gold
Provincial Anthem: "Liberation March"
Special Territories: None


Before being conquered by the Aelyrian Empire, the Phondra Peninsula was divided by three powers; the Duchy of Phondra, Kingdom of Daittern and the Orckish Assembly.

In the wake of the disappearance of Empress Arabella de Lylles, the Empire was momentarily succeeded by the Aelyrian Kingdom with the ascension of Prince Milo I. This spurred a rebellion in Sherian led by Eyvind Redbeard, who declared for the restoration of the Empire and the removal of the Ancient Aelyrian influence that had seen Milo ascend to the throne. After a prolonged civil war, Eyvind Redbeard was captured by Royal forces and the rebels were destroyed in the Battles of Taralon and Narim. The cities of Sherian had been almost entirely decimated and the land shattered by raw arcanic energy from the attacks of the mages. Thus, though the war had been won, the province itself was lost, given over to arcanic blight, roving bands of native orcs, and other inhuman creatures.

Sherian has been mostly ignored by the Imperium as a result, with Imperial Legions stationed along its borders but the province's occupants more or less left to tend to their own internal affairs. Recent Imperial efforts to re-engage with the province have been stymied by a growing orc presence in the Khardran Mountains.
Futher reading: Historia


Sherian has neither a ducal house nor a governor. Following the devastation of the province, Imperial grasp over the territory is low.
Further Reading: A Primer to Politics, Current Office Holders, A Primer to Nobility


Sherian is separated in five distinct regions based on terrain and topography.
The Phondra region stretches from the bottom of Prime between the eastern slopes of the Khardran Mountains to the Bay of Phondra, flanked to the south by the Black River that seperates Phondra from The Deadlands. It is typified by vast stretches of a mixed temperate forest which is dominated by broadleaf trees including oaks, beeches, maples and birches, but also includes coniferous trees as a canopy component, such as pines, firs and spruce.
For more information: Phondra
The Orckon Region includes the southern stretch of the Khardran Mountains from the Khardran Pass, which lies within the borders of the Sherian province. It is a dangerous, dry and rugged region of mountains that also includes a large and gnarled forest known as Orckon Forest. It is the home of the orcs.
For more information: Orckon
The Hardscrabble region is a dry and semi-arid landscape that stretches between the western slopes of the Khardran Mountains and the coast of the Sea of Diana. It is covered in dry, grasslands and small pockets of spindly deciduous forest. This region is notoriously difficult to live within, as it is near impossible grow crops and graze livestock.
For more information: Hardscrabble
The Deadlands
The Deadlands is a dangerous zone of desolation and destruction, full of undead creatures and other unknown dangers, and is rife with arcanic contamination. Considered deadly.It stretches across the middle of the Sherian from the destroyed cities of Narim and Taralon, stopping at the base of the Khardran Mountains and along the southern banks of the Black River. It is very dangerous, and separates the regions of Phondra, Hardscrabble and Orckon from Katishandra.
For more information: The Deadlands
The Katishandra region is the southern most band of the Sherian province. It stretches beneath The Deadlands to the coast. It is a warm, tropical region with many small coastal settlements. The waters around this region are notorious for pirates, slavers and raiders, especially now without the protection of the Empire.
For more information: Katishandra

[top]Major Cities

The major cities within the province of Sherian
Ruins of Narim
The former capital, and the most war-torn city in both First and Second Sherian Wars, Narim stands completely broken in the low lands between the Hills of Sheria to the east, and the Sea of Diana to the west.
Further Reading: Narim
Ruins of Taralon
Although not technically in ruins, much of Taralon has been abandoned in the wake of undead spanning the beltline of the province. Left to those who would brave contamination, Taralon is a city formerly glorified for its prowess in trade, politics and gadgeteering.
Further Reading: Taralon
Vers, surrounded on all sides by light woodlands, was a vibrant center for magic, alive with color and entertainment, up until the province became torn apart by war, with undead creatures and heavy arcanic contamination making the environment too hostile for life. It has since become an orc fortress.
Further Reading: Vers

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