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The religious capital of the Hierocracy of Vesta and the Aelyrian Empire at large.
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Sitting at the very center of the Hierocracy of Vesta on the banks of the River Rhedrisa, the great city of Sacrum, formerly known as Diana, is both the provincial capital as well as the seat of power of the Church of the Faith, the only officially-sanctioned religion in the Aelyrian Empire. Sacrum is a large, sprawling metropolis in its own right, blending its priesthood with mercantile and agricultural endeavors bolstered by its surrounding Ioannes Basin.


Originally established as the center of the many and numerous natural resources of the Ioannes Basin and a hub of trade at the bend of the River Rhedrisa, the city was originally named Diana in honor of the patron goddess of the Aelyrian Empire. Religious life began to thrive there, leading to the construction of temples and establishment of a priestly hierarchy that was headed by the office of the archprelate. This also often brought the city unwanted attention, and Sacrum was sacked on a number of occasions due to inquisitions, religious dissenters, and Aeternian forces.

After the events of the Eclipse of Chaos and the fall of Diana, the city changed its name to Sacrum to show is disavowal from the inverted goddess of iniquity. It also issued a number of edicts banning the presence of Diantar Dracons from their city borders.


Life in Sacrum is permeated with the religious establishment. Citizens are expected to attend religious ceremonies and festivities and an overwhelming atmosphere of ornate piety runs the city. Ostentatious displays of wealth and power are commonplace and expected of individuals attempting to climb the social hierarchy. The primary divide between social strata is that of the secular and the religious, but economic level is of secondary but still prime importance. All sorts of varying races are tolerated, though usually through a thin veneer of politeness as Ancient Aelyrians and humans are considered the only "true" races, with the other darker races, such as the dracons or Vysstichi, outright rejected or disparaged.

[top]Local Government

The city of Sacrum does not follow the typical Aelyrian system of municipal government of thane, prefecture and the like, but rather is controlled by the hierarchy of priesthood in the Church of the Faith that are responsible for its leadership and its organization. It is next to impossible for a secular individual that is not a member of the church to rise to any sort of position of prominence in the city.
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  • Population: 200,000 permanent residents, plus transitory pilgrimages and tourism
  • Culture: Heavily and ornately religious. Life is tightly controlled by the politics and doctrines of the Church of the Faith.
  • Trade: Strong and flourishing. Upper class are expected to show a high living standard of extravagance. (Individuals: Bronze Adamantite, Businesses: Tin Aetherium)
  • Landmarks: Basilica Ecclesiae, Museum de Aetheria


Original research and writing by Trinity, written by Charybdis

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