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Ruins of Narim


Ruins of Narim
The former capital of the Confederation of Sherian.



The City of Narim is a relatively medium-sized establishment on the western shores of the peninsula that is the Sherian Province. The former capital, and the most war-torn city in both First and Second Sherian Wars, Narim stands completely broken in the low lands between the Hills of Sheria to the east, and the Sea of Diana to the west.
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Narim was a moderate sized port city of about sixty-two thousand, five hundred people at full capacity, before the burning that has left the city in the state it now holds in recent months. That was all before the complete and utter anhillation at the hands of the Confederate and Imperial Armies alike. After the last assault on the city by the Confederate Army and the haphazard use of magic by the Imperial Mage Corps under command of Imperial Marshall Keldon Elsdragon, Narim has become an arcane contaminated, completely marred and broken shell of itself.*
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Narim once stood as a bustling port city, drawing in all manner of races and cultures with a heavy flux of trade coming in and out both from the roads and the seas. With the city's destruction, Narim is no longer prominent in the trading industry, its market squares largely empty. Colonized by sentient undead, haunted by the ghosts of the dead and thick with arcanic contamination, the city is a dangerous ruin for any to visit.

[top]Local Government

Narim's present status as contaminated city has left the government within the city unstable and barely existent. While it is reputed that there is a thane governing the battered city, adhering to the government standards of the empire, the city is wild and lawless.
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  • Population: 500
  • Culture: Sentient Undead
  • Trade: Nothing at present
  • Landmarks: The Shvakkim Road, Castellum


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