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Primus Gaudeo


Primus Gaudeo
The capital city of the Administrate of Centripax.



Primus Gaudeo is the capital city of the province of Centripax, it stands tall and proud against the back drop of the mighty alpine like mountain ranges that guard its northern back. The city founded by Duke Doli based on a premise of peace and reconciliation has grown to its current majestic size by offering all the diverse species that inhabit Aelyria a place to call home.

The city of “First Happiness” is constructed largely of white marble which abounds in the mountains. These marble quarries produce many different coloured marbles ranging from white to black and the exploitation of this natural asset employs much of the civilian population of the city. The dwarven gem mines to the north aprovides employment for our vertically challenged brothers and there is a well set up jewellery industry that generates wealth for the city.


The first city constructed in Duke Doli's new Duchy of Centripax, the new capital of the duchy, was named Primus Gaudeo, meaning "First Happiness", to remind the people of Centripax that the respectful enjoyment of life was of the utmost importance in the new realm. The town featured no citadel or armory, and Dweorh Domus, the castle that was home to Duke Doli, had a moat that was guarded, perhaps as a symbol, or perhaps to appease the strange sense of humor of the castle's master, by a puppy.

The city soon grew to include an extensive mixture of dwarves, elves, giantmen, halflings, and humans. Primus Gaudeo rapidly became famous for adopting the love of oddity and jokes that its leader espoused, with strange stores like Orville's Pet Shoppe and Wigston's Rock Shoppe, and even stranger people including numerous King Constantine impersonators and performance artists, lining the main streets of the capital.
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Primus Gaudeo stands at the middle of the empire and is the major city at the junction between the western and the eastern halves of the empire thus its influences and visitors reflect the best of both cultural and racial influences. It was built by the dwarf Duke Doli as a centre of art scholarship and entertainment. The white marbled city is grand, opulent and fun but sitting in juxtaposition with the high life is an under current of political intrigue and overbearing ambition. High rollers and aristocrats throng the esplanades, showing off their fine clothes and jewels. Brilliantly attired military officers escort their latest lady to the entertainments on offer passing a miserable beggar without a single glance.

Primus Gaudeo offers a cultural variety that reflects its open handed approach to the many and various species that live side by side in its residential areas. Thus there are as many languages and dialects as there are dispirit people.

[top]Local Government

The capital city of the Administrate of Centripax, Primus Gaudeo follows the Imperial government structure. The governor resides within the walls of Primus Gaudeo.
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  • Population: 750,000
  • Culture: Predominantly Dwarves with humans
  • Trade: Precious gems, metal ore, stone and marble, lumber
  • Landmarks: King's Road, Concordia Incola, the Phoenix Pavillion


Nimh, Socrates de Ambergois, Hengest

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