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Port Alyxandrya


Castle Shari'lea in Port Alyxandrya
The great City of Queens in the District of Maeve, located on the Bay of Queens.



An eloquent haven for the courteous and refined, the city of Port Alyxandrya stands as a sentinel over the glistening Sea of Diana. However, far from being a typical bustling sea port, the City of Queens maintains an air of elegance and grace. This is evidenced in both the attractive white-stone buildings that compose the better part of it, as well as the mix of culture and history which gave the city its royal name. Port Alyxandrya opens its gates to all races, and holds little in the way of qualms with respect to the darker sorts, such as Vysstichi and orcs. All are welcome to find their lot in life here, so long as they do not cause trouble or wreak havoc in the meantime.
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Even this wondrous semblance of perfection is flawed, however, as the City of Queens is divided by wealth, greed and general debauchery. Of darkness and light respectively, the Gut and the Noble's Nest exist at opposite ends of the social and economic spectrum. It is a split which is very much physical and apparent, with those caught in the middle just as conscious as the rest of how stark the class contrast is.


Like much of what was once Enamoria, Port Alyxandrya has a bloody history, first in battles against the Aelyrian Empire itself and later within the borders of its own province against people spawned within the very belly of the city. During the time of Thalia de Lylles' rise to power, Port Alyxandrya was destroyed when the Governor of Enamoria, Ambrose Devere vehemently opposed her. The conflict continued for some time beyond the walls of Port Alyxandrya, complicated and redirected by an invasion of the Xet, until the Xet were driven from the province and Governor Devere was allowed to return to his duties and rebuilt the city.

The Dark Alliance marks another bloody chapter in the history of Port Alyxandrya. A war against dark necromancers forged in the heart of Port Alyxandrya, it began within Port Alyxandrya itself when a dead man was discovered in the possession of a mysterious gemstone believed to be the Eye of Jorel and a book entitled The Children of Jorel that spoke of the gem's ability, when wielded by an arch-necromancer, to open a Gateway to Cyraxia to unleash the ancient enemy of the Ancient Aelyrians. A war broke out over the gemstone when the Archmage Balthazar stole the Eye to attempt its use. Whole blocks of Port Alyxandrya were razed in the destruction that followed.

It was from this event that the Dark Alliance was spawned, necromancers gathering to create a massive force of undead whose plan of attack was to take the cities of Port Alyxandrya, Medonia and Daltina. While successful in taking Daltina for a time, the Enamorian forces with the aid of the Veldar Elite, sent from the city of Zerdargia, were successful in their bid to repel the attackers.
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A bustling port city, Port Alyxandrya is rich with the history of pomp and grandeur. Its people are proud and diverse, with a history of being widely accepting and tolerant of many different races and walks of people. The port is often regarded as a place of wealth and great trade opportunities, with many flocking to the city to find the newest wares and fashions. There is, like any other port city, a dark underside with the city's darker section, known as the Gut, fostering a wide variety of crime and foul practitioners of dark crafts and magics.

[top]Local Government

Port Alyxandrya adheres to the Imperial government structure, with a thane in place of power within its walls.
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  • Population: 120,000
  • Culture: Human, Elves, Katta
  • Trade: Phosphate rock, clay, limestone, citrus fruits, cotton, fish and sea products, white marble, tobacco
  • Landmarks: The Plaza of Queens, Castle Shari'lea, Seven Beacons (Lighthouses)


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