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Phondra Castle
A castle and village located on the northern coast of the Confederation of Sherian.



Known for its intense history of spywork, Phondra and its surviving families (what few of them there are left) are known for their work in spy-tactics and subvert operations. While this is not what the majority of the small village of remaining citizens are generally occupied doing, there are a few that exist as some of the most renowned intelligence-gatherers in all of Sherian.


Historically, Sherian was ruled by two dominating parties: The Grand Duchy of Phondra, and the Kingdom of Daittern. While eventually through agreements with the Aelyrian Empire during the Second Empire the Grand Duchy of Phondra would prove victorious in a bloody war between the two large powers, its success would not come at a small price. In a last ditch effort to get back at the Phondrans during a multi-faceted assault by the Duchy and the Aelyrian Empire, the Kingdom of Daittern, lead by rebellious Queen Kimberlina Cinthera sacked the capital of Phondra, leaving nothing but its grand castle standing.

The last known Duke of Phondra, Duke Jeff, was the man who struck a deal with the Aelyrians in the twilight of his power, eventually leading to the absorption of small city-states in the Confederation, and, as the Kingdom of Daittern dissolved completely, it willingly joined the Empire and surrendered the entity of the Phondran Peninsula to those that would colonize it.

Recently, the flux of people escaping the southern reaches of Sherian has seen a climb in Phondra's population.


Knights or would-be paladins still exist within the city's walls, though the numbers are few. Their old traditions are still alive within the small village, and it is said that despite the treachery of the Phondrans of old, one can never find a human more respectable and worthy of trust than a true descendant of the Knights of Phondra.

[top]Local Government

Phondra adheres to the same government structure as the Aelyrian Empire with a thane in a position of power in the city.
Further Reading: A Primer to Aelyrian Politics, Current Office Holders


  • Population: 1,000
  • Culture: Humans, half-humans and some elves
  • Trade: Intelligence
  • Landmarks: Phondra Castle


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