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Performance Art Skills

Performance artistry abilities are skills used in front of an audience such as acrobatics, acting and dancing.
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[top]Performance Art Skill Breakdown

Here is a list of performance art skills found in Aelyria. This is not an exhaustive list.


Performance acrobatics are not to be confused with the twists and tumbles often executed by skilled combatants in the heat of battle. Instead, acrobatics performed before a crowd of people are usually very focused and deliberate with measured movement. These are often considered extraordinary movements of balance and agility. The acrobat's repertoire is highly unique to the individual and can range from juggling balls to juggling knives, to contorting the body into outrageous positions or performing twisting aerial moves on silks. Acrobats can easily perform independently but many often travel in groups.


Acting is when an individual takes to a stage to portray a character (or characters). The stage may be so humble as to be a common city street or so grand as to be a great theater frequented by the wealthy. Actors may travel alone or with a group of people, also referred to as a troupe. Acting can take on many forms and may be performed through the use of the actor's own body or even through puppets. Additionally some individuals have been known to pick up acting and use it for more nefarious purposes, such as for tricking hapless victims out of hard-earned coin with a few well-practiced lines.


When many think of instrumental performances they think of wandering bards with mandolins, performing through the use of song and voice at taverns for coin and free meals. Certainly this is one type of performance that someone picking up an instrument could master and is likely to be one of the most prominent. There are others who have been able to find work in theaters or for wealthy patrons. Bards start out with one instrument but usually over time are able to master others as well, particularly those in their original instruments' family group. Quite often a bard with a variety of instruments at his or her disposal is better able to work a crowd, shifting instruments throughout their repertoire of songs depending on the mood of both crowd and song. Some bards favor vocals over instruments and vice versa.


When a dancer takes to the stage it can be as a character, as an expression of an idea. Nominally, or merely to titillate the mind through movement. Dancing is performed on a stage much like acting, but may be done in places such as a street or tavern as well as in great theaters. Dancing may be performed alone or with multiple individuals. There are many forms of dancing and many of them cultural in variation, with regions throughout the empire boasting their own folk or tribal dances. The wealthy generally practice a more refined form of dance that is usually less suited for performance before a paying audience.

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