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Rare winged horses.



The Pegasi are winged horses very similar to their Aether Pegasi counterparts except for two distinct differences: they are slightly smaller and their coat is usually pristine white or silvery-white, instead of the known golden-white of the Aether-Pegasi. Extremely strong and capable creatures, they are slightly rare and are gradually becoming common creatures due to their domestication by the Imperial forces. While not as rare as the Aether-Pegasi, Unicorns and Alicorns, they are nonetheless deeply sought after because their slight magical powers and their obvious flight capabilities. Intelligent by animal standards, they can communicate though not as powerfully as the alicorn and unicorn.

[top]Physical Appearance

The Pegasi are beautiful horse-like creatures. Standing at twenty-hands tall (males) and over eighteen hands tall (females), their wing-spans and general overall size is almost as large as that of their progenies, the Aether-Pegasi. Note that the measurements for hands is: Four inches = One Hand; and it is taken from the shoulder height of the animal (near saddle-height). Thus the males are 6' 6" to 6' 8 tall and females are 6' 0" to 6' 2" tall.

They are taut and well-muscled beneath a predominantly shiny-white or silvery-white coat that ripples with their strength, although there have been sightings of these elusive animals also coming in a variety of colors which include light bay, dark silvers, roan and black.

Their wings span almost forty feet and their hooves are hardened dark metal-like substances the colour of darkened silver. Their lush manes and tails are very thick and lengthy, and they also have much hair around their ankles and hooves. Thought to have possibly originated in the heart of the Fae'rel continent, the Pegasi gradually migrated to Aelyria possibly around the same time-line with the arrival of the Ancient Aelyrians. In due time, the winged ones learnt to domesticate them and they were used to carry the advanced flight cavalry shock-troops of the winged Aelyrians during the Medonian Forest War of the 9250's. They are still used in the Imperial forces till this present period.

[top]Climate and Terrain

The Pegasi have been sighted all across the Empire wherever a civilian population exists but their home habitat in Aelyria is said to be in the lush plains between the Pegasi Woods and Lysandria (on the far outskirts of the Prime Principality)

In addition, it is said that they prefer this spot because of the relatively close proximity of the thick vegetation and forests. While still generally preferring grass plains and sometimes highland plateaus in the mountain regions, they like to be near secluded forests which can give them swift and excellent cover from attacks and possible capture. Travelers from Fae'rel also insist that they have seen numerous Pegasi around the magical forests and glades on that continent and reports still hold that this is their original home.


Produce from the Candaceburg agricultural shelves seem to be one of their favourite feeding spots and although their diet is mainly of grass, they have been known to like treats of apples, juicy wheat and barleys. The few farmers of this area who have claimed to have seen them insist that the dung that the Pegasi deposit on their fields while they come to eat actually make that area of the soil extremely fertile. Being that Candaceburg is already a blessed fertile land, many would find this hard to believe and find it simply as a ruse of getting consumers to buy more of their produce. In the Lauryl province, reports hold that their diet also include certain leaves, grass and wild apples from the Forest of Light.


There has been sightings of Pegasi in social groups, although it is not uncommon for them to be seen solo. Females are more inclined to be with their young and a group of a few other males and females. They are mainly in herds numbering anything from twenty-five to as many as a hundred, and an alpha male or female normal heads the group. Their flight formations are precise and a beauty to behold and their sense of direction is extremely keen because they know how to tune their minds to the magnetic flux of the four main directions of the compass.


Skilled at using their hooves, wings and teeth as attacking weapons, the Pegasus are also well-versed in elusive tactics, which makes them all the harder to capture. However, they can be domesticated through sheer patience and by convincing them of no ill-intent. Once caught, domestication is by a gradual display of trust from both the creature and the rider and once a compromise has been reached, they become loyal to their owners. They are also highly resistant to letting others mount them and can be an excellent security measure for the owner.

[top]Special Abilities

Speed, agility, strength and resistance to low level arcane attacks. Rumours insist that riders may be able to develop a telepathic link with them after a period of time and this will denote the pinnacle of their bonding with their owners. They have an extremely sharp eye-sight, similar to that of falcons, eagles, hawks; and they are known to have a double sheen of transparent cataracts over their eyes to protect them from fierce winds while flying.


They are immune to common horse ailments. Nothing else is really known about their inherent resistances.

[top]Other Notable Information

The Pegasi have been seen to have developed a certain habit. At the cusp of the beginning of every month, many of them have been rumoured to appear on the banks of the River Ioannes next to the Candaceburg farm fields in the province of Prime. Pegasi are actually serene creatures and are not known to attack except if being presented with the danger of being captured. They love their freedom and when domesticated, can reach their full potential if treated with a respect for their freedom.


Credit goes to Qheonor Lescartes

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