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Northumbria Province Map
The Republic of Northumbria.



Northumbria, also commonly known as The Republic of Northumbria or The Most Serene Trade Republic of Northumbria, is the north-eastern most province in the Aelyrian Empire. The province consists of two great peninsula that curve around the circular Libertas Bay, extending south to meet the borders of Vesta and Prime. The province also includes the unusual Fire Isles, situated on the eastern coast within the Great Sea.

Official Name: The Republic of Northumbria
Capital City: Jaedaxia
Motto: ”Freedom and Liberty”
Official Beast: The Eagle
Provincial Colors: Gold, Blue and Red
Provincial Anthem:
Special Territories: The Fire Isles, Trident Isle


Around the mid 8300s, a violent wave of migration came looming down from the Northern Sea horizon and struck the northern coast of present-day Northumbria with dozens of warrior-tribes of humans. These 'northern humans' conquered and pillaged so hastily that whatever life existed before their arrival was entirely decimated. Although the northern humans arrived as several dozen tribes, in the end the groups coalesced into several identifyable chiefdoms or feudal-like warrior kingdoms.

Most relevant among these was perhaps the Kingdom of Eutopia-Carmelide, led by Queen Jaedah. Under assault by coastal raiders, the young and recently crowned Queen requested assistance from the Aelyrian Empire, eventually becoming betrothed to Emperor Constantine himself. The city of Jaedaxia would be founded to celebrate the occasion, although her reign was a short and tumultuous one. A later influx of Charismean immigrants further changed the cultural dynamics along the peninsula.

Northumbria was previously part of the province of Carmelyn. Historically dominated by the presence of the Church of Faith in the capital of Diana, now known as Sacrum, the northern areas of Carmelyn tended to be resistant to the influence of the Church. The Church focused their worship around Diana, whereas many of the northern areas, such as around Jaedaxia and Trysvale, instead devoted themselves to Carmelya. The rivalry between the two goddesses was matched between their worshipers in kind. Kaldira also featured a massive hall dedicated to Ioannes, seat to the Cult of Ioannes that dominated the city.

In the wake of the Succession Crisis Carmelyn was partitioned into two separate provinces, Vesta to the south and Northumbria to the north.
Further Reading: Historia


When the province of Northumbria was founded, the ducal title was passed to Julius of House Praeserta in Kaldira. The seat of governor was granted to the Jaedaxian noble Henri Richelieu de Mer, whose house also received a writ of marquis.

The Republic of Northumbria was reorganized as a trade republic, utilizing the province's extensive shorelines to encourage maritime trade and commerce. The Libertine Peninsula is uniquely positioned in the northeastern corner of the Empire, linking the northern shores with the rest of the Empire in the east and south.

The political structure in the Republic has shifted away from the traditional Imperial hierarchy. The governor retains absolute authority in the province, but is counseled by a Provincial Senate, upon whom the most influential and prestigious members of the province have a seat. These senators can either personally participate in senate meetings, or send a representative in their stead. Beyond this, there also exists a larger Provincial House, to whom belong the less influential (but still important) individuals and institutions of the Republic, whose members can deliberate, debate, and review the various matters of import brought to the House's attention.
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Northumbria is separated in six distinct regions based on terrain and topography.
Arkdün Wilds
The Arkdun Wilds are a dense stand of pine forest that extends along the southern coast of Libertas Bay, between the regions of Libertas Bay, Kriskin Peaks and the Plains of Eutopia.
For more information: Arkdün Wilds
The Fire Isles
The Fire Isle region of Northumbria consists of six large islands off the eastern coast of the Arkdün Wilds. The islands are varied in nature, some mountainous, volcanic and dangerous, others flatter with small stands of broad-leaf forests. However, a commonality between all the islands is their geothermal nature and their hot, tropical temperatures.
For more information: The Fire Isles
Kaldiran Basin
Kaldira is situated in the eastern region of Northumbria, flanked by the Eunesian Sea to the west, the Kriskin Peaks to the north and finally the River Arax and surrounding woodland to the east and south. It is famous for its fertile and verdant land, said to rival that of the Fields of Prime.
For more information: Kaldiran Basin
Kriskin Peaks
The region known as the Kriskin Peaks, stretches out around the western side of the Libertas Bay. The peninsula is completely covered in rocky and perilous bluffs that rise up from the coast into sharp, triangular mountains. It is a barren and desolate land of rocks, battered by cold and icy winds.
For more information: Kriskin Peaks
Libertas Bay
Libertas Bay is the most northeastern region of Northumbria which stretches along the eastern side of the Libertas Bay into a long and narrow peninsula. Though the area is notoriously frigid throughout most of the year, almost perpetually covered in ice and snow, the region has one of the most spectacular spring seasons in all of the Aelyrian Empire, the snow and ice covered plains melting into a flurry of brightly colored flowers and verdant grasses that disappear back under the ice even in the summer months.
For more information: Libertas Bay
Plains of Eutopia
The largest and most sparsely populated of all the regions of Northumbria, The Plains of Eutopia spreads out along the south and east of the province, below the Arkdün Wilds.
For more information: Plains of Eutopia

[top]Major Cities

The major cities and towns in Northumbria
A city that has seen the worst the world can toss at it, and still come back; from fire, to flood, to meteors and swarms of undead. Even through a winter that refused to end, the city has always held its head high and shook its fist defiantly at whatever force has been out to get the city and its people.
Further Reading: Arkdün
This beautiful and bustling port city, known as the City of Fates, spans the width of the Libertine Peninsula. It is renowned for its unique culture, love for fine art, and rich history.
Further Reading: Jaedaxia
This market town set on the eastern coastline of Libertas Bay has a bustling fishing and agricultural industry. It is well-known for its proximity to the Trysvale Silvae, an enchanted glade, and its vast pastures filled with flocks of sheep and herds of cattle.
Further Reading: Trysvale
A small town nestled near the infamous Weaver's Woods and the volcanoes of the Fire Isles. It is rich with natural resources and stunning vistas unique to the region.
Further Reading: Demios
A crown colony of the north, Kaldira has recently opened to the empire after its imposed self-exile. Once a city of great political intrigue and importance, Kaldira has only recently begun flexing its talons back into the realm of nobles and politicians in an effort to reassert its influence.
Further Reading: Kaldira

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