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The World of Aelyria and the universe in which it exists adheres to a specific set of physical rules and stipulations; such a set of circumstances is known as a plane. Each Plane of Existence has its own laws of interaction creating in effect a reality relative to its inhabitants. Those who exist in other planes may find the laws of any certain plane foreign or unrealistic, or, alternatively, very familiar. Variance in the planes is dramatically large, and as a consequence one can never be certain just how different a plane can be from native experiences. The Multiverse is the aggregate sum of all planes, and the complete totality of all existences has been called by the ancients a single word: Aerysia. Yet navigating Aerysia, the Multiverse, has never been a simple task, for breaching the barriers that divide the planes often require titanic undertakings or incredible sources of power.
Further Reading: A Primer to Planar Cosmology
The organization of the planes in Aerysia can often be imagined as a series of concentric circles (“Circular Theory of Planar Distribution”) with the sources of power and influence in the periphery, and those planes beholden to these influences in the center. An alternative interpretation of the organization of the planes revolves around the notion that the planes are sorted into super planes and demi-planes (“Planar Theory of Hierarchical Tiers”), with an intricate web of relationships and impact. Regardless of the perspectives one may hold on planar organization, it cannot be denied that some planes have a greater significance than the others.



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