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Moonstone Province Map
The Principality of Moonstone



Moonstone, also commonly know as The Principality of Moonstone, is one of the central-west provinces of the Aelyrian Empire, and is the only province that stretches from the most northern coast to southern border of then Empire. It includes land that used to be a part of Arakmat and Lauryl. It is now flanked to the west by both of of these provinces, and to the east by Arium, Centripax and Medonia. The province itself is split into many variable regions, including Evergrove, Sylrosia Forest, Bellewoods, the High Desert and the Bay of Kyathis.

Official Name: The Principality of Moonstone
Capital City: Ziel Aerca
Motto: "Vivre Libre ou Mourir"
Official Beast: The Eye
Provincial Colors: Red, black and white
Provincial Anthem: ""
Special Territories: None


The Principality of Moonstone was gifted to the self-proclaimed Prince of Moonstone as part of a negotiation between him and the Empress Rhysatra during the war against the Xet to ensure his cooperation with the Imperium.
Further reading: Founding of Ziel Aerca


The Principality of Moonstone has no ducal house, but rather a princedom, although this is treated as the equivalent of a ducal title by the Imperium. This Princedom is held by the self-proclaimed Prince of Moonstone, a charismatic leader who rose from whereabouts unknown and whose claims were legitimized by Empress Rhysatra during the Xetan Wars.

Currently, the province is led by a Steward-Governor and Regent of the Princedom, Sliucha Sindosa, who also holds the noble title of Marchioness (female Marquis).
Further Reading: A Primer to Politics, Current Office Holders, A Primer to Nobility


Moonstone is split into four distinct regions based on terrain and topography.
What was once a beautiful landscape of forests and rolling hills is now a soggy swampland of dead, barren trees seeping down into the fens in the south. Neither boasts much life or greenery, although some signs of both are rumored to be showing themselves in places through the region.
For more information: Evergrove

Bellewoods' the vast expanse of woodlands is all dead and gone, rotting trees dapple the landscape with only hints of new growth peeking out. Foul-smelling sulfur pools have expanded from Frigid River well into the region, casting a cloud of stink and acid throughout the area. Bellewoods' trademark forests are now found only in the high ranges of the mountains to the east.
For more information: Bellewoods

High Desert
The High Desert comprises the eastern portion of the Arakmat Desert, the border between the High and Low Deserts marked largely by the Dervish Oasis found at the heart of the sand dunes. Although as affected by the Black Fog as much as any of the other western regions in the province, it does not outwardly show until travelers approach any of the watering holes dappling the desert, the water fetid and the greenery dead, only just starting to regrow.
For more information: High Desert

Bay of Kyathis
A once great region of felines and forests, the Bay of Kyathis now boasts barren dead trees and very little lifeforms to speak of. The deserts to the south of the region have begun to encroach on the southern lands of Kyathis, recent sandstorms stirring the dunes further north with only the rambling foothills along the south to act as a barricade. What little grasslands there were in the center of the region now stand as dead prairies, new growth struggling to fight its way through the dense and wasted grass.
For more information: Bay of Kyathis

Sylrosian Forests
The Sylrosian Forest was once a lush and verdant area with a mix of low lying, grass covered hills and the dense forests that surround the former elven city of Sylrosia. Now it sits dead and haunted, the bare trees rotting lumber that are beginning to tumble back down to the ground.
Further Reading: Sylrosian Forest

[top]Major Cities

The major cities within the province of Moonstone.
Ziel Aerca
The capital city of Moonstone, Ziel Aerca is a city bustling with all different walks of life, beautiful stone architecture and a free attitude that often turns its back on Imperialist mentalities so often found in most other big cities.
For more information: Ziel Aerca

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