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Medonia Province Map
The Refuge of Medonia



Medonia, also commonly know as The Refuge of Medonia, is the western portion of the province formerly known as Enamoria. It is flanked to the east by the province of Maeve, with the border between the provinces being the River Julianna. Other neighbouring provinces include Moonstone to the west and Centripax to the north. This region is known for its pleasant and temperate coastline and woodlands, and is split into three regions, Medonia, the Dolwoods and Modisia.

Official Name: The Refuge of Medonia
Capital City: Medonia
Motto: "A Sound Mind in a Sound Body"
Official Beast: The Unicorn
Provincial Colors: Red, blue and white
Provincial Anthem: "All For One, One For All"
Special Territories: Isle of Modisia


The Refuge of Medonia had once been the Kingdom of Medonia, long before the area had been annexed by the Aelyrian Empire to form the province of Enamoria. However, after the war against the Xet the province of Enamoria was once again split in two, with the western portion renamed The Refuge of Medonia and the eastern part now known as the District of Maeve.
Futher reading: Historia, An Early History of Enamoria


Medonia currently has no ducal house.

Its interim governor is Juliara de Lylles, a relative of First Minister Threllius de Lylles.
Further Reading: A Primer to Politics, Current Office Holders, A Primer to Nobility


Medonia is split into three distinct regions based on terrain and topography.
The Medonia Region comprises the substropical stretch from the River Julianna and the village of High Hold to the east down along the coast of the Sea of Diana and into the basin of the River Anna. The city of Medonia stands at its center, flanked by the Medonian Woods to the north. This region is extremely fertile, with a long growing season and wet, mild winters due to the warm winds coming from the Sea of Diana.
For more information: Medonia

The Dolwoods region encompasses the mysterious and dangerous Dolwoods as well as the ancient elven city of New Coldmoon standing at the southern edge of the wood. This region has a more temperate climate than the subtropical south, with occasional snowfall during the winter.
For more information: Dolwoods

The Isles of Modisia are two subtropical islands, Modisia and Cabrera, off the southern coast of the Medonian continent in the Sea of Diana. On the northwestern tip of Modisia, the larger of the two islands, stands the ancient port town of La Quista, while its southern tip is dominated by the formidable Castle Leadan. The smaller isle of Cabrera to the southeast is largely barren and a haven for pirates.
For more information: Modisia

[top]Major Cities

The major cities within the province of Medonia
The capital city of the Medonian province, Medonia is a city ravaged and ruined by war. Once a city of stately gothic arches, much of the walls and city have become broken and tumbled, its streets boasting but a portion of the population it once hosted.
For more information: Medonia

La Quista
La Quista is a small coastal town which resides on the coast of the largest island within the Modisia region. The main area of the town is notable for its terracotta coloured roofs and white washed walls, with colourful flags and banners commonly hanging over the paved streets.
For more information: La Quista

New Coldmoon
A thriving trade center, rebuilt on the northern edges of Enamoria. Known both as a grand city of elves and humans, as well as the Sacrum of the south, New Coldmoon is a rich city with lavish buildings and grand churches.
For more information: New Coldmoon

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