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Maeve Province Map
The District of Maeve



Maeve, also commonly know as The District of Maeve, is the eastern portion of the province formerly known as Enamoria, ruled by the Ducal house of the same name. It is flanked to the west by the province of Medonia, the border between the provinces the River Julianna. Other neighbouring provinces include Crown Province of Prime to the east and Centripax to the north. This region known for its pleasant and temperate coastline and woodlands, and is split into two regions, the Midlands, and the Maevewood.

Official Name: The District of Maeve
Capital City: Daltina
Motto: ""
Official Beast:
Provincial Colors: Purple and white
Provincial Anthem: ""
Special Territories: None


The District had once been the Kingdom of Daltina, long before the area had been annexed by the Aelyrian Empire to form the province of Enamoria. However in the time after the war against the Xet, the province of Enamoria was once again two, the eastern portion renamed The District of Maeve, and the western part now known as the Refuge of Medonia.
Futher reading: Historia, An Early History of Enamoria


The ducal house of Maeve is held by Lindsay Genevieve Maeve, who also sits as the governor of the province.
Further Reading: A Primer to Politics, Current Office Holders, A Primer to Nobility


Maeve is split into two distinct regions based on terrain and topography.
The Midlands is the largest region of Maeve, stretching from the border of Medonia to the west, along the northern border with Centripax, until it reaches the Maevewood to the west.
For more information: Midlands

The Maevewood region lies to the southeast of the Maeve region, and is a small region of deciduous forest from which is region gets its name.
For more information: Maevewood

[top]Major Cities

The major cities within the province of Maeve
Daltina is well famed for its stunning parks and was a favored getaway for the nobles and other rich folks with money to burn. The shining granite walls that surround the city manage to compliment the interior perfectly.
For more information: Daltina

Port Alyxandrya
An eloquent haven for the courteous and refined, the city of Port Alyxandrya stands as a sentinel over the glistening Sea of Diana. However, far from being a typical bustling sea port, the City of Queens maintains an air of elegance and grace.
For more information: Port Alyxandrya

The present city of Arconis is built in the shadow of ruins, Arconis having previously been destroyed during the Cyraxian Wars. It has seen a resurgence in its population thanks to miners and adventures seeking their fortune with the promise of gemstones and jewel steel beneath the craggy surface of the nearby Khardran Mountains.
For more information: Arconis

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