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Lauryl Province Map
The Lylles Kingdom of Lauryl



Lauryl, also commonly know as The Lylles Kingdom of Lauryl, is the south-western most province of the Aelyrian Empire. Known for its sweeping plains and beautiful forests, the regions within the area include Atlantia, the Forest of Light, Oakpine Preserve, Lake Melody and the Myst Marshes.

Official Name: The Lylles Kingdom of Lauryl
Capital City:
Motto: "Light of the Empire"
Official Beast: The Pegasus
Provincial Colors: Red and gold
Provincial Anthem: "Imperio Provincio"
Special Territories: None


Lauryl has undergone several transformations, its origins placing it as part of the Archaxetas territory that is presently home of the infamous Xet. Overtime Lauryl was taken from the Xet and built upon by the Lylles family, becoming an individual kingdom that demonstrated the Lylles' power. The Lylles Kingdom eventually became a part of the Aelyrian Empire when Melody de Lylles ascended to the throne.

In recent times, Lauryl has been decimated by the Xetan Invasion, gutted by the Black Fog and the Xet that came through with it. People are beginning to dare investigate the lands devastated by the invasion once again, uncovering what has been left by the invaders.
Futher reading: Historia, A Primer to the History of the Aelyrian Empire, Recent Events


Lauryl is split into five distinct regions based on terrain and topography.
The Atlantia region is largely made up of flat, cracked rockland, starting at the edge of the region where it meets with the stone forests of the Oakpine Preserve and ending, gradually tapering off, as it reaches the Forest of Light region. The rock is fragile limestone and in places the sparse acidic rain that has begun to fall on the region has weakened the rock, creating dangerous sinkholes and feeble rock surfaces that may cause troubles to travelers.
For more information: Atlantia

Forest of Light
Lauryl's northernmost region is predominantly forestland, the trees a swathe of reds, oranges and yellows against the horizon. Brightly colored fungi decorate the branches, dangling sometimes like spiderwebs or moss and swaying in the passing breeze. The central portion of the region sees a break in the thick forestland, with thinner stretches of fungal trees and thick scrub bushes taking their place.
For more information: Forest of Light

Oakpine Preserve
The Oakpine Preserve Region was once a thriving and wide expanse of forestland. Now it sits as a stone forest, many of the dead trees fused together by the fog and hardened into gray rock, the ground eaten away around the trees to create narrow passages like canyons throughout the whole of the region.
For more information: Oakpine Preserve

Lake Melody
The Lake Melody region is dominated by the second largest lake in the empire, Lake Melody. The lake is a large saltwater lake, fetid and bracken without anything but bugs and what appear to be brine shrimp swimming in its depths. The land immediately surrounding the lake is made up of salt flats, gradually turning into dry and dusty terrain with patches of quicksand obscured within.
For more information: Lake Melody

Myst Marshes
Since the invasion of the Xet, the waters of the Myst Marsh have turned a deep, blood red hue. These marshes saturate the entire region, stretching from the southern shore of the salty Lake Melody and further south. The grass fronds are dry, dead things but are beginning to turn a dark brown-red as the waters saturate them. Very few trees dapple the marsh and much of the land is flat as far as the eyes can see.
For more information: Myst Marshes

[top]Major Cities

The major cities within the province of Lauryl
A ghost town on the shores of Lake Melody, Melodia is only just beginning to see an influx of people returning to her streets. With less than one hundred people to populate her, Melodia can more be considered an outpost than a city but for now people are beginning to regard her as the new capital city of Lauryl.
For more information: Melodia

An independent city-state representing the cultural heart of the Esh'lahier race, the nation of Ethgan'tor was an isolationist Esh'lahier-only kingdom that has been presumed to be lost with all of its inhabitants to the Black Fog.
For more information: Ethgan'tor

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