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City street in Jaedaxia
The capital city of the Republic of Northumbria.



The southern quarter of Jaedaxia is the wealthiest, most prestigious, and most renowned part of the city. The Protectorat has a near-stranglehold over the district, and crime is virtually non-existent in Le Quartier du Sud. Merchant's Row is the commercial center of Jaedaxia, an arching street that wends its way through the northern section of the city. Eastern Jaedaxia consists of the Défiance arrondissement. It is the older and slightly poorer section of town, also housing the Eastern Harbour, which, unlike the Western Docks, has the same gritty qualities of a district servicing sailors and fishermen.


In earlier eras, the Imperial Senate innovated a largely political move designed to expand the Empire's borders, for Emperor Constantine had stopped expanding and conquering in the midst of his melancholy. The fledgling kingdom of Eutopia-Carmelide along the empire's northern border was under attack by pirates along the sea. The young, recently crowned Queen Jaedah requested assistance from the Aelyrian Empire and thus opened the road for involvement by the Imperial Guard in the region.

Jaedah was betrothed to Emperor Constantine, and she ascended as a High Queen. A new city was ordered to be built in the northernmost part of her kingdom, it was named Jaedaxia in honour of her. Though Emperor Constantine’s name was on the document ordering its construction and naming as a wedding gift to his new bride, it was not him who issued the order. However, as a foreigner, she gained no respect among the Imperial Court and the Imperium largely refused to carry out her orders. The Imperium quickly began to realize Senator Kolvek's game and began to assert itself in the succession process.

Just as the Imperial Court began proceedings to remove Jaedah, the High Queen was minorly insulted at Archprelate Maximilian's declamation that she had to be 'purified' before she could join the Aelyrian Faith, and ordered his banishment. Troops refused to follow her orders, and instead, executed her within the Imperial Palace at the Emperor's orders.

Twenty some years later, M'Ganzi Hal was thrown out of the Imperial Senate by the Imperial Praesul Carados for trying to vote the Imperium out of existence. He reemerged in Jaedaxia, using a local dragon-worshipping cult of Borthanists to take power in the newly finished Eastern Jaedaxia, creating the short-lived Republic of Libertas. This would be crushed by loyalist citizenry and Imperial forces a few short months later.

Its rebellious history continued ten years after the Aetherfracture, with Earl Christoph de Loraunne, Lord Chamberlain of Jaedaxia, accompanied by Assistant Defense Minister Matthias Lescartes and the Head of the Council of Commerce, announcing that Jaedaxia has seceded from the Aelyrian Empire. Duchess Aislynne Quian Carados of House Richelieu de Mer assumed her position as the first Queen of Jaedaxia. Less than a year later, the city surrendered to Imperial forces, receiving draconian treatment from the Empire as a consequence of its actions. A few months later Jaedaxia became the Imperial Protectorate of Northumbria, with its rights severely curtailed as a result.

Jaedaxia participated in the Succession Crisis, working with Kaldira and siding with Arctic D'Ioannes. Following the ascension of Empress Rhysatra, Jaedaxia was incorporated into the newfound Republic of Northumbria.
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Jaedaxians put more importance on status and caste than most other cities in Aelyria. Aristocrats are revered, feared, and privileged, even if the Alyssan Civitate has stripped them of their politcal powers. Jaedaxians enjoyed a high standard of living, although Imperial sanctions following secession attempts left the economy in ruins. With the new Republic of Northumbria reinvigorating trade, however, wealth has begun to flow back into the city. These people really love the arts, which is why it has so many artists, and why the best of them achieve social status nearly equal to nobles.

Jaedaxia’s culture was not always what it is now. Imperialists originally founded it and they did not indulge themselves to the degree most people know Jaedaxians to do now. The major change in Jaedaxian culture was created by a relatively large Charismean migration to Jaedaxia. These people’s presence has most certainly left their mark on the city.

[top]Local Goverment

Although often independent of the mechanisms of the crown itself, Jaedaxia's government follows the same structure as the Imperial government employed throughout the empire with a thane at the head of a city council. As the capital of the Republic of Northumbria, Jaedaxia's thane is stylized as Doge.
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  • Population: 80,000
  • Culture: Humans, Elves
  • Trade: Whale, Sea, Fish Products; Potatoes; Textiles; Livestock
  • Landmarks: Castle Mavloix, Wall of Weeping, Cathedral of Carmelya, Socrates de Ambergois University


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