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Human Portrait
The dominant and common race within the Aelyrian Empire.
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Humans are most common and dominant people within the Empire. Three words best exemplify the strength of humans: diversity, ingenuity and adaptability. No other race has as many beliefs practiced or as many professions worked, few races match their ability to think creatively, and no race has proven to adapt to change as well as humanity.

In addition to the adaptability and resourcefulness of the human race, humans are also fairly capable of being charismatic, capable warriors, skilled negotiators, shrewd politicians, and revel in facing challenges and trying to adapt to overcoming them. There is little wonder, therefore, as to why the human race has literally dominated Aelyria for ages now. Through their adaptability, humans can individually specialize and focus on particular professions or callings.

[top]History and Origins

Most of the ancestors of the humans within the Aelyrian Empire migrated from the western lands thousands of era ago. These humans, known as ‘Medonian Humans’ founded prosperous city-states first in the fertile coastal plains along the southern seas, and later in the rich lowlands along the River Ioannes. This dominant human culture continued to expand and founded other cities throughout the Northeast and Southeast, forming alliances and waging wars among their own kind. Categorized principally by their unbridled ambition and yearning for challenge, these were harnessed by the Aelyrian King Constantine to found the first Royal Cities and Guilds in creating the Kingdom.

[top]Physical Appearance

Mature humans generally stand between 5' to 6'5", although there are some humans as short as 4'5" and others that tower over 8'. Men are physically larger and physiologically stronger than women, a remenant of humanity's evolutionary ancestry, though both genders are equally capable of accomplishing just about any undertaking. Their skins range from pale through to rich dark browns (almost black) eyes are usually a variant of brown but green and blues are not uncommon. Hair ranges from almost white through to black with reds, to blue, brown and black being common shades and hair may be straight, wavy or curled. Most humans weigh around 70 – 220lbs and can carry about half their own weight generally, they are also able to lift their own weight without difficulty in general, with training they can lift more.

[top]Culture and Society

While the types of social structures and organizations that humans form vary upon environment and location, as are their diverse cultural languages, most human civilizations are based around the central unit of the family, which extends generally to three generations and then broadens into larger social groupings, such as a clan, a tribe, and a village. Humans who share the same shared experience can more easily relate and form a polity to govern themselves, but even stronger is the shared perception of sameness, drawn through ethnicities.

[top]Notable Skills and Traits

Humans are generally able to become proficient in both armed and unarmed combat. Because of the variation of strength and size seen in the human race, their strength, dexterity and ability in combat will also vary greatly.
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Many humans are capable practitioners of magic, but they do not have any particular affinity.
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Through their adaptability, humans can individually specialize and focus on particular professions or callings and can become experts in many different trades, but have no particular affinities.
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Special Abilities, Weaknesses and Resistances
Humans so no specific special abilities or weaknesses and are considered average in every pursuit, as they are neither gifted nor cursed with respect to any mental or physical capacity.


Humans are said to have the ability to breed with any of the other humanoid races within Aelyria, however half-elves (of any of the elven sub-species) are the most common. For information on these half-breeds please see the related articles of the other partner. If you wish to play any other human half-breed other than half-elves, half-dracons or half-orcs please contact the Help Desk
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Credit goes to Kaelon for the original Human write-up

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