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Haya, Goddess of Plague & Pestilence



Haya is known as the goddess of Plague and Pestilence, a spreader of disease both on men and the land. She is often also associated with lust although this is due largely in part to one of her offspring, a succubus by the name of Alithea, and Haya's depraved relationship with her husband Meephos, the god of gluttony and lies. Haya is often referred to as the Plague Queen or Plague Bringer and sometimes even as the Mother of Darkness for her high placement in the Aeternian pantheon.
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Haya's origins have been a mystery to many and proposals on how she came into being are numerous. One widely accepted belief is that Haya is in fact the product of one of Meephos' greatest acts of sin while others claim Haya to predate even Jorel in existence and that the pair once held a mutual understanding, if not trust, prior to his fall from Aetheria. Believers of this mythos often uphold that Haya and Carmelya existed in the world before Ioannes, Jorel and the other gods, with Haya's pestilence and plague serving to counterbalance the thriving, natural world that Carmelya had created. When the other gods began to appear, as Carmelya chose Ioannes to work and rule alongside of her, Haya gravitated to Jorel's leadership and pride. Some scholars blame Haya's corruption of him as the reason for his fall from Aetheria, citing her as the disease that warped his mind and heart against Ioannes.
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Whatever her true origins may be, Haya is presently the wife and lover of Meephos, God of Greed and Passion, as well as his greatest competitor. Haya resides in a palatial fortress overlooking the city of Velys in the Plane of Lies with her husband. The relationship between Haya and Meephos is a complex one to be certain. They routinely engage in carnal acts of unspeakable depravity while at the same time plotting against each other for an upper hand.

Haya has, over time, often meddled in the affairs of other deities in both Aetheria and Aeternia. It is speculated that she partakes largely in attempt to outdo her husband's attempts to spread corruption. Whatever the reason, Haya has not strayed from conflict against the Aetherians or even her fellow Aeternians, reputedly having a good deal of tension with Jalat over his refusal to take sides during the Age of the Darkening.
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In recent times she has seen a good deal of conflict, recently pressing Orod into heated battle during the Eclipse of Chaos alongside of Meephos. During the Eclipse, it was Haya that attacked Diana, an act which led to Diana's inversion to the Goddess of Iniquity and ultimately her destruction.
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Among Aelyrians circles, Haya is commonly seen as a tall, willowy woman with black hair and pale skin. Her eyes have been described as hard chips of black obsidian and her lips so pale as to be nearly white. She favors gauzy clothing, thin dark fabrics that wisp about her to showcase her own beauty and the worship it inspires. It is believed by many that to look upon her is to be drawn in, to forego sense and instill a desire to grovel at her feet. She is often seen with a large white rat that can sometimes be mistaken for a cat or a small dog from a distance, given its size. This rat will ride her shoulder or scamper at her feet, often slipping away to do her bidding by shedding diseased fleas, infecting stores of food or even biting others to spread disease.

To the Vysstichi Haya often appears nearly the same except that she is seen as a Vysstichi female, darker of skin with white hair.

Haya has two less appealing forms: the Diseased Crone and a Black Mist. As the Crone, Haya appears as a bent old woman covered with boils and blisters. It is in this form that Haya is rumored to spread disease, walking through hospitals and touching both the healthy and the sick with her crooked fingers. Her Black Mist form is said to wreck the same havoc over crops and fields, spreading pestilence and sometimes vermin to blight food and water sources. The Black Mist looks precisely as you would imagine it: a dark and feathery cloud of fog-like smoke that drifts over an area often without a trace of wind to be felt. Those who have been encased in the fog have said that it feels so thick and so cold that they believed themselves to be choking, dying. Few have ever actually died within the mist but all have come away sick and ruined.

[top]Religious Organization

As an Aeternian, worship of Haya has been banned by the Church of Faith and thus few openly follow the goddess throughout the whole of the empire. However, Haya has a strong following among the Vysstichi, who revere her above all other deities with the exception of Meephos. Temples and altars to the goddess are common in Vysstichi settlements and the priestesses who watch over these have a good deal of authority over the common populace, second only to the rule of the Matrons who reside over Vysstichi households. Most houses give one of their younger daughters to the priestesses for training and ultimately induction into their orders. Nearly all priestesses are unbound to arcana, if they are capable of being so, practicing a variety of spheres but most commonly Mysticism. Thaumaturgy is the one sphere forbidden to acolytes of Haya given its association with light and the Vysstichi's sensitivity to it. All priestesses of Vysstichi Hayan orders are sterilized, typically through the uses of potent herbs but also, in more extreme circles of worship, brutalized through torture to ruin the womb. The sterilization allows the woman to not become distracted with motherly whims and is meant to bring the follower closer in her relationship with Haya.
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Outside of Vysstichi settlements, due to the nature of Hayan worship, there are very few known temples for the goddess scattered throughout the empire. This does not mean, however, that there is little worship of Haya. She is one of the more popular Aeternian deities with a widespread following. Forbidden, worship is hushed and secretive with circles dedicated in her honor held in hidden locations usually at obscure hours. Of all Aelyrian cities, Vortex with its corrupt and darker nature, is known to have a strong following of Hayan worships among the populace but even so does not openly boast a following to the goddess.
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Rituals for the goddess are often brutal and sometimes blood-stained events among all circles of worship. Pain is considered an important part of Hayan genuflection, mostly owed to the discomfort and pain that illnesses bring upon a person. As such, mutilation and defilement are common Hayan practices, both as a group and individually. Death is rarely the goal with these rituals, as it benefits Haya more for the brutalized to live so that disease can be spread.
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[top]Notable Figures

Due to Haya's strong following, the goddess of Plague and Pestilence as a large following of minions and champions who are rather bold in making their presence known throughout the empire. With their goal to spread disease and destruction, Haya has an active band of followers who delight in watching the world shrivel around them.
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Alithea: A product of a union between Haya and Meephos, Alithea is the first succubus and mother to all who came after. She exemplifies everything one would think of in a succubus, beauty, lust, corruption and danger. Archon of Corruption, Alithea wanders the Material Realm as well as others, inspiring corruption and aiding her own offspring in spreading ruination among all whom they encounter.

Olsyréa: The Planetar of Love and the daughter of Meephos and Haya, born of their sweat intermingling upon a rose during a moment of intimacy between the two. Haya loathes Olsyréa, believing her to be naïve and meddling in her relationship with Meephos. Haya is responsible for banishing Olsyréa from the Plane of Lies and Aeternia.

Penglios: Said to be the drippings of a pustule popped from one of Haya's diseased manifestations, Penglios appears as a four-foot tall, mange-covered, plague-infected, moderately-obese, humanoid rat. His voice is a wheezing, coughing sound that causes him to spit up puss with every word. He has the nasty habit of gnawing on his own tail which is perpetually scarred and bleeding. Penglios is always accompanied by a swarm of vermin, mostly rats, and wherever he goes, plague, pestilence, famine and drought follow.

Turtas: This bloated, undead being was the stillborn, female offspring of Haya and Meephos. It was granted un-life by the twisted powers of Velys and thus became the first true Liche. Archon of Lies, Turtas rules the city of Velys in her father's name, inflicting unnamed horrors upon the enslaved souls trapped in the realm.

Zyrgra: A young woman who got tortured and sacrificed in Haya's name. After her death she descended to Velys and served as the Demoness of Starvation and became Haya's minion. Since her death, Zyrgra has become a planetar in her own right and now she brings pain and starvation wherever she goes.


Original write-up by Magonlia di Ambra and the Huntsman

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