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Eunesia Province Map
The Nesocratic Federation of Eunesia - currently seceded from the Empire



Eunesia, also commonly know as the Nesocratic Federation of Eunesia, is a bustling set of isles that lies within the Sea of Eunesia flanked by the coasts of Northumbria, Vesta and Arium. The province is typically known for its trade, science and isolationist ways. It is currently seceded from the Empire, and bars Imperial access to the islands. Foreigners must attempt to sneak or smuggle their way in.

Official Name: The Nesocratic Federation of Eunesia
Capital City: Olympia
Motto: "Determination Breeds Respect!"
Official Beast: The Dolphin
Provincial Colors: Dark blue, light blue
Provincial Anthem: "Silver Sea"
Special Territories: None


Consisting of mostly fisher-folk and light shipping, each Eunesian isle has been historically strongly autonomous and weary of centralized control. The Nesocratic Assembly on Olympia governed the Nesocratic Federation of Eunesia and was extremely pacifistic. Eunesia historically resisted being absorbed into what would eventually become the Aelyrian Empire, using their strong naval fleet to counteract aggression directed towards them. This has laid the foundation for Eunesia's traditional autonomy from the Imperial Government, and contributed to their eventual successful secession from the Empire.
Futher reading: Historia


Rather than split by terrain and geography, the regions of Eunesia are cultural rather than topographical. This island chain is located in the center of the Sea of Eunesia just north of Arium, with access to the provinces of Vesta and Northumbria to the south and east.
The largest but one of the most unlivable of the Eunesian Islands, Arios is densely forested and thick with magic.
For more information: Arios
Northernmost island of Aelyria, known for it's slow pace of life and beautiful architecture.
For more information: Chelseanna
Second only to Arios in size, the eastern island of Ieffreon is a varied landscape of an island with pristine white beaches and lolling hills perfect for grape vines and fig trees.
For more information: Ieffreon
One of the larger islands in the archipelago occupying the center of the Sea of Eunesia, Olympia is located in the far north corner of the Eunesian Isles, only surpassed by Chelseanna to the northeast.
For more information: Olympia
Secyclion is the eastern group of islands of the Eunesian Isles with the main island Secyclion and scattered smaller offshore Isles numbering in the hundreds.
For more information: Secyclion
Tulos is located on the western fringe of the Eunesian Isles cluster, just north of Arios, south of Olympia and west of Ieffreon.
For more information: Tulos

[top]Major Cities

The major cities within the province of Eunesia
The skyline of Olympia is dotted with the islandersí taste for towers and vaulted ocular-style roofs and domes on their greatest buildings. Some can be seen gleaming from miles away.
For more information: Olympia

The city of Ieffreon is located in the lower reaches of the Eunesian Sea. Ieffreon is known as the premier source of academic studies, the City of White, and Pearl of the North.
For more information: Ieffreon

The people of Secyclion are rather friendly to outsiders, so long as they do not brazenly throw around their mainland customs and beliefs into the faces of the island's denizens.
For more information: Secyclion

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