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Dorin Warrior
The Dorin race is a sentient anthropomorphic canine species found within Aelyria.
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Different proportions of dorin are found anywhere in the empire, usually enrolled in the army, where their warrior-orientated lifestyle can be fully expressed. Even attenuated by their enslaving past, dorin contribution to the Empire has been of high importance. Inventors of gadgeteering and curved blade swords and scimitars, dorin influence is still visible in the Empire.

The strong faith of dorin in Aslan and his honor-based law made them a constant force within the military ranks of the Empire. There is nothing more sacred to a dorin then his honor, and dorin have been known to kill without a moment's hesitation in matters of honor.

[top]History and Origins

The origins of the dorin race are unknown, however they first appeared first on the continent within the western lands, known now as the Sultanate of Arakmat, around the time of the Cyraxian War. There are many stories about how they came to be, though there is no consensus on the truth.
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[top]Physical Appearance

Dorin are anthropromorphic canines, average in height from 5' up to 7' tall and their body type is nearly always husky and muscular, with little to no extraneous fat. They are strong and resistant to the elements, excellent for long journeys within harmful environments. Much of the dorin body is covered in fur, with different colors can be found, from the red-brown, slate grey or black-blue as well as multi-coloured.

Dorin share the same traits in general but these characteristics vary from one dorin to another, giving a large diversity to the race. They range from the svelte and resistant dorin used to running for long distances in harsh conditions, to the heavy, strong dorin facing its enemies with simple muscular power.

[top]Culture and Society

Dorin society is split into three main groups, the pack, the tribe and the clan. The pack is the nomadic familial group of lead by a patriarch. The tribe is the supra set of the pack, and formed of a certain number of packs that claim the same ancestors. The clan entity is not based on familial ties, and can be considered more a moral belonging than an organized group. There are two major known clans, the Graw'Shata and the Aman'Shata.

In terms of relations with other races, they despise Katta, due to the years of slavery, though these relations have tended to become better over time. Arakmatan humans are considered as brothers by dorin, and it is not impossible to see a dorin give his own life for the safety of an Arakmatan.
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[top]Notable Skills and Traits

Dorin have sharp claws and teeth that can be used as natural weapons, and have an affinity to unarmed combat. Dorin also make excellent swordsmen, preferring long swords and scimitars. Dagger use is also common, due to the use of the Graw'lak dagger (ritual dagger) in their pack life.
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Dorin have no particular affinity with arcana.
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Dorin can individually specialize and focus on particular professions or callings and can become experts in many different trades.
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Special Abilities, Weaknesses and Resistances
Dorin have a particularly good hearing and sense of smell.


Credit goes to Kaelon for the original write-up

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