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Deliverance is a financial institution wholly owned by the Church of the Faith. As one might expect Deliverance banks have strict requirements as to who gets approved for loans and will refuse to invest or offer loans for moral reasons.


Deliverance has a long and storied history as a part of the Church of the Faith. Its large signs have offered a safe haven for pilgrims for centuries. It started out as a way to offer the faithful the funds to go on pilgrimages that might otherwise be outside their means. Deliverance has had a history of being something of a troublesome subject within the Church of Faith. After having had to be given injections of funds twice during the 9900s a new prelate was put in charge of Deliverance and given great freedoms to ensure that it stopped being a drain on the Church's resources.

This new prelate, Drugan Lancaster, a distant relative of archbishop Lancaster III, started a series of reforms that saw Deliverance start charging interest for loans and finding people who did not repay their loans. While many inside the Church would cast Drugan Lancaster as the priest given to greed, his own austere lifestyle did much to halt this critique. In the end very little was actually done to halt the evolution of Deliverance. Slowly but surely the loans it could offer became greater and the money it made for the Church became a greater and greater amount. Much of this money has been spent on charitable causes and Deliverance has always held a relatively high regard among the people.


Deliverance enjoys immense popularity among the common people as an institution that does a great deal of charity. Critics of Deliverance will often hold up the personal wealth amassed by its banking priests as a counterpoint.

[top]Geographical Spread

A branch of Deliverance can be found in pretty much every major city.

[top]Modus Operandi

Unlike many other financial institutions Deliverance usually has some very strict guidelines for who can have loans approved and what they can use them for. These guidelines were originally there to ensure that Deliverance only gave loans to pilgrims on pilgrimages, but since then the purview of the bank has expanded and its definition of who can get loans has been drastically altered. In the present this means that it often refuses people based on race and their personal relationship with the local banking priests. Despite corruption within the organisation a great deal of its profits do go towards the church's charitable organisations.


Deliverance is home to an eclectic mix of faiths, with Orodite being among the more prominent members, but servants of Ioannes and other deities are also a common sight. Most functionaries are taken from the civilian populace with a small cadre of banking priests serving as leadership and moral guidance for the bank's many branches. At Deliverance's head is one of the prelates of the Church of Faith, often referred to as the banking prelate or the gilded prelate.

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