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Citizenship in Aelyria

A Primer to Citizenship in the Aelyrian Empire.



While the center of the game’s narrative, the Aelyrian Empire is but one land of many different nations located in Telath. Thus while most of the inhabitants in the Empire will be full-fledged citizens and carry all the rights and protections thereof, some are labeled as “barbari”, or foreigners, who enjoy none of the same privileges. New characters can choose to be either citizens or barbari based on their desired character background. Citizenship can also be revoked due to in-character events.
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Individuals born within the borders of the Aelyrian Empire to free parents are automatically considered citizens regardless of their race and issued an imperial visa to prove this. They are thus protected by and bound to the Articles of Imperium and the rule of the Imperial Crown in Aelyria Prime, with all the rights and privileges of a subject thereof. Most significantly, citizens cannot legally be enslaved by any means and have the right to have their defenses heard by prefects or justicars if accused with a crime.
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[top]Imperial Visa

The visa is the single ubiquitous document of Aelyria. Issued to all citizens at the time of birth, the simple piece of paper is proof that the bearer possesses all the legal rights afforded under the Articles of Imperium. Its most common usage is as a form of identification often presented in legal and financial transactions to establish the identities and roles of the parties.

Newborn children may be brought to the local aedile’s office to have their official visa issued. Barbari can also receive a visa after undergoing the process of naturalization. Citizens who lose their visas must return to their last recorded place of residence to receive a new document.
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Barbari” is the term used to denote individuals who either have not been born within the Aelyrian Empire or whose parents were not citizens. These can be individuals born in foreign lands, such as Trelore, or members of rural ethnic groups that do not abide by the laws and society of the empire, such as the Air'riela Humans. It can also be colloquially used to denote ranks in distinct regional cultures that are not officially recognized by the Imperial Crown, although these individuals are usually still imperial citizens.
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Barbari do not enjoy any of the rights or privileges associated with citizenship and thus are not protected by Aelyria’s laws. They are not recognized by the Aelyrian government and cannot participate in, gain from, or use any of its political functions. Most significantly, barbari may be legally enslaved or summarily executed without reason and have no form of appeal.

A barbari may always apply for citizenship at any time. This process varies between locations but always requires the individual to swear off his previous allegiances and pledge instead to the Aelyrian Empire. After its completion, the barbari may then be issued an official Imperial Visa.


Visa information written by Hsin.

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