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Chesley Affair

A history of Chelsey


This recently unearthed and translated commentary on the political events surrounding the part of the Age of Schisms known as the 'Chesley Affair' has come to light from what is purported to be the writings of Viceroy Wessex de Evile IV, Imperial Overseer of the regions now claimed as part of the United Arium Directorate. Confirmation of the veracity of these writings is well nigh impossible, as there are none left who can tell of the fate of the enigmatic and reclusive nobleman whose dark touch stains much of the later reginal dynasties up to and most especially including the Second Empire:

[top]The Chelsey Affair

"Much of what has happened in recent months can be laid at the feet of Maximilian. Expressing discontent over what he sees as his demesnes in the proper care and raising of young Valerian and Arctic, he has plunged us forward unto the very brink of anarchy. What began as what could be seen as a simple discourse on education has turned into a political quagmire, though other acts of Maximilian also have pushed us past the brink of civil strife and enmity and into a veritable bloodbath.

Of course, the Empress did not help much herself, being the strong-willed woman that she is. Had she but been a little more yielding perhaps I could have salvaged something from this mess, but as it stands, Fire's mistaking hardness for strength has pulled us all down into a chasm.

Maximilian, being who he is, of course had to set his sights on the throne itself in his undisputed control, beginning with the sovereignty of his precious Chesley. In a few month's time even this could have been smoothed over, had Fire not said those fateful words to that madman Sabre in reference to the degree to which he should exert imperial power, words that will burn forever as surely as the cities did following them shall in my mind: "By any means necessary." Only a madman like Sabre would pull out those monstrosities of dirigibles that laid down liquid fire on Alexandria, killing somewhat in excess of two million citizens in a matter of hours. Even I have never seen the like of such slaughter before, and it still turns even my stomach to think of it.

The blood of the Alexandrians only cemented the resolve of the Chesleyans and increased the popularity of Maximilian. I did what I had to do, as I always have, but it does not please me to lay down these words for the perusal of the ages. Maximilian simply could not be allowed to live to continue holding together Chesley, and so I put aside my old friendship for the man and ended his life. It really was a very simple matter; no normal carriage can protect anybody from a rapid outspread of Entropy, least of all the carriage of Archprelate Maximilian.

At the same time, the resolve of the Chesleyans crumbling, I directed my forces in the Northern Fleet to end the mere blockade of Chesley and begin landing the invasion forces. The self-styled 'Emperor' Nicholas, adopted son of Maximilian and first and last of his doomed line, was not emotionally equipped to cope with such an onslaught. We found him dead of an opium overdose; funny that he should succeed and actually die from his where Maximilian failed and lived.

Needless to say the Imperium remains in chaos. Many do not approve of what we have done to hold it together. And many shall not live to voice that disapproval, sad as that fact is. Ah, well, life and death continue as always in their eternal dance, and I but do what I need to to keep that dance going. Time will eventually wash away even this much blood, though as long as I live to remember it that cleansing shall not be complete."
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Wessex de Evile IV

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