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A small town on the island of Chelseanna in the Nesocratic Federation of Eunesia.



While it numbered only a few hundred actual inhabitants (the rest being tourists and aspiring musicians from all over the Empire), the town itself was a jewel of beauty, though it was self-conscious beauty. Unwalled and seemingly unprotected, since the island relied on its small fleet to fend off pirates and other attackers, it was a feast for the eyes, buildings concealing and shadowing one another as if competing for a place in the spotlight, the final result succeeding in conveying the feeling of surprise the locals valued so deeply. It sufficed to move from an observation point to the next, and Port Chelseanna would offer a different side of itself, almost looking like a different town. Its palaces, featuring a frivolous architectural style made of unnecessary columns and a wise but at the same time witty balance between full and empty spaces, were pure eye candy and could perhaps remind of Ieffreon, but with an important difference: while Ieffreonian buildings were majestic in their simplicity, shining in the beauty of bare proportions, Chelseanna showed off its assets much more blatantly, as if begging the visitor for a praise. Doors and windows could be seen in the least expected places, and oftentimes what looked like the entrance to a building was merely an optical illusion caused by a painting on the wall, a trompe l'oeil of incredible realism, and the real entrance was almost hidden somewhere else. The more impressive buildings were only visible after emerging from narrow, dark alleys in order to exploit the surprise effect to its fullest potential.

Port Chelseanna is built to awe the visitor. Chelseannanís spare no expense in construction and the more opulent the better. They try to fuse art and life into one medium and Murals, illusions, and faux doors hide around every corner. Alleyways wound through the city, bringing visitors to unexpected courtyards and dazzling manors. Columns, statues, fountains, Chelseannanís


In recent history, the evacuation of Eunesia hit Chelseanna hard since much of its income was built around tourism and the students attending the Conservatorio. With the mainlanders disappearance the natives of Chelseanna had to make some tough choices. The city became a clearing house of stolen and smuggled goods. Most of this business was carried out during the darkening, and none of the citizens ever talked about it openly during the brightening. It was their dirty little secret- cooperating with pirates to survive.
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Port Chelseanna is a very insular community, wary of newcomers while trying to make as much money off of them as they can. Their two faced ness is natural to them, they present a false front of politeness to strangers, but what they really think is anyone's guess. Oftentimes the most polite person you meet in the cafes of the Porto is a vicious smuggler during the darkening. Everyone pays close attention to public presentation and they always veil their true motives.

At the center of life of Chelseanna is the family. It is the most important thing above all else, and it is the most influential political unit on the island. At the head of the family is the Patriarch, an elder male whose duty it is to see after family holdings and business deals. His wife is considered the Matriarch and holds sway over the personal end of the family.

The Chelseannan obsesses over the niceties of societal exchange, and always looks to act elegantly- even when they are trying to destroy each other. Veiled insults, clever puns, all this is considered essential for being a refined individual. They are social beasts, spending most of their time in the Piazza or at gatherings or big family meals. They are fabulous hosts, but look out for the agreements you make with them, and read the fine print. Chelseannans love contracts.

[top]Local Government

The Island is small and so is the city government. The Thane is called the Podestŗ by the locals and performs many of the services himself. He acts as Aedile and has a small staff to assist him collecting taxes and helping citizens. The Thane is plugged into everything on the Island and watches over it all like a hawk.
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  • Population: 350
  • Culture: Human
  • Trade: Sea and Fish Products, Art, Music, Wine/Grapes, Olives/Olive Oil, Citrus Fruits
  • Landmarks: Mount Tuli


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