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Cetheron, Archon of Soldiers and Blacksmiths



The Archon of Soldiers and Blacksmiths, Cetheron values the loyalty, discipline and honesty of his followers more than their actual moral alignment. Although he will not stand for anyone attempting to further the agenda of the reviled Aeternians he is known to support soldiers on both sides of a conflict, bless dwarven clans that share bitter rivalries or grant a blacksmiths divine inspiration regardless of their race or personal beliefs.
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Cetheron has long been the second hand of the Arch Archon Maj. Where Jorel's emotions ultimately led to his downfall, Cetheron's strong emotional ties to Maj have been a strong asset to the Aetherians over time. It was Cetheron, with his extraordinary abilities as a blacksmith, whose great chains bound Jorel when the original Archon rebelled against Aetheria in a bid to steal the throne from Ioannes. These chains, along with Maj's assault, brought Jorel and his army to its knees, ending this brief attempt against Ioannes.
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It was some time after this that Cetheron came to possess a single grain of sand from Orod's Hourglass. It is speculated that Cetheron, normally bound by his own honor, was deceived into stealing the grain by Phedos with the assistance of Kalendryas who, at the time, was said to be an Archon working beneath Orod in his great library.
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It was with the stolen grain and the help of Kalendryas that Cetheron created the dwarvish people. He fashioned them to be a good-natured people, hard of work and proud, not unlike himself. He was a happy father to his new children but his realization over Phedos' deception with the theft of the sands tarnished Cetheron's regard of the planetar. Cetheron's dislike for Phedos ultimately found itself instilled in his children, a dislike that began a deep-seeded feud between elves and dwarves that shows no signs even now of relenting.
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The humble Cetheron rarely appears on the Material Plane, but when he does, his appearance varies on the person he manifests himself to. Like Phedos, Cetheron’s manifestations are without grandeur or spectacle. Instead, he chooses to appear in humble forms with only his mighty voice betraying his divine heritage. While a physical manifestation of Cetheron may be rare, he often makes his presence known to his most dedicated followers through voices or messengers.

When he does appear on the Material Plane, if he is appearing before a member of the dwarven race or a blacksmith, Cetheron takes on the form of a dwarf with a mighty blacksmith’s hammer. In this form Cetheron stands four feet tall and appears to be in the later stages of life. His white beard is split in two large braids and his long hair is tied back behind his head. Several legendary smiths have claimed that Cetheron came to them in this form and taught them ancient secrets of their craft.

Should Cetheron manifest himself to a soldier he appears as a veteran of many wars in antiquated armor. In this form he most commonly stands as a human, well into his forties. He carries a large, round shield with the ox symbol painted on it. Most commonly he is armed with an ancient looking sword but he has been seen carrying spears, axes or even a mace.

It is said that Cetheron shows great respect for those that follow him at the time of their death, appearing to them as a host of legendary greats in the dead's vocation--extraordinary blacksmiths or great veterans of the battlefield. They are thus escorted and honored into the afterlife surrounded by their greatest peers.

[top]Religious Organizations

While the singular worship of Cetheron is generally regarded as heretical, regardless of his status as an honorable Aetherian deity, Cetheron is still worshipped quite heavily throughout the empire. Among soldiers and blacksmiths, Cetheron is typically worshipped in small groups or individually. Typically there is a bubble of worship within every legion, militia or even city guard, with men and women coming together to form small lodges bound with pledges and vows to protect one another and uphold discipline and honesty individually and as a brotherhood.

Blacksmiths within a city will often come together as a guild, offering their prayers and respects to Cetheron at the start and conclusion of guild meetings. Like soldiers, blacksmith guilds under Cetheron's oaths will swear loyalty to one another and uphold their fellows in whatever manner necessary, be it financially, socially or even creatively.

Dwarves are the most dominant of Cetheron's worshippers with whole clans offering their genuflection to the Archon under the belief of him as their creator. Particularly in large dwarf clans, temples are not uncommon places to gather but smaller groupings of dwarves will usually congregate around small altars within the clan elder's home. Again, dwarvish worship is illustrated by vows of loyalty and honesty not only between clan members but as a personal belief to be upheld as a standard.

Regardless of the group, worship of Cetheron is nearly always practical in nature and straightforward in manner. Vows and pledges, both individual in nature and to the gathered circle as a whole, are of paramount importance. A sacrifice is often made when a vow or pledge is put forward. These sacrifices can be as simple as giving something up but is most commonly done in the form of slaughtering an animal over an altar. These animals are handled with care and respect and afterwards the meat is consumed to solidify the words spoken over the sacrifice.
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[top]Notable Figures

Legendary blacksmiths or soldiers are often considered avatars or particularly blessed by Cetheron but this particular archon seldom actively selects individuals to represent him in any significant manner.
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