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The slow aging, halflings of the Empire
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Calling themselves simply "people", or sometimes "cethers" this race has been nicknamed "halflings" by humans. Halflings are clever and capable opportunists; individuals and clans find room for themselves wherever they can. Depending on the clan, halflings may be reliable, hard-working (if clannish) citizens, or they might be thieves waiting for the opportunity to make a big score and to disappear into the dead of night. Regardless, Halflings are cunning resourceful survivors. While Halfling opportunism can sometimes look like larceny or fraud to others, a Halfling adventurer who learns to trust his/her fellows is worthy of trust in turn.

[top]History and Origins

It is not easy to tie down how the Halflings were created and many races have different views of how they came to be, however the Halflings believe that Cetheron was given three grains from the Sands of Life by Kalendryas and used the first grain to make the Cethers, the most perfect being in the world.
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[top]Physical Appearance

Halflings are a miniature folk. They measure on the average between the height of 3 feet 6, and of 2 when fully grown. As befits their small stature, Halflings weigh very little; their physical weight fluctuates between 20 - 40 pounds (18 kilograms), but excesses have been well documented, as Halflings are rather fond of good living. Halfling facial features vary greatly from finely chiseled to chubby, again this varies from Halfling to Halfling, and vocation is very much a determining factor. Consequentially, Halflings can be mistaken for human children to the uneducated eye.

Halflings hair color follows the same range as humans, from black to almost white-blonde with males enjoying a penchant for prodigious sideburns, the larger the better. Male Halflings rarely grow beards however and moustaches are unheard of.

Halflings have large, almond shaped eyes that twinkle with preternatural brightness and come in colors of blue, brown, gray, green, amber and violet. The coloration is much lighter than other races

[top]Culture and Society

Halflings enjoy a good home life, and know the importance of relaxation in a sentient lifestyle. There is little that pleases the standard Halfling more then a good smoke from the pipe by the roaring fire of one's home after a well-prepared meal.

They are a very social race, with great emphasis on family and the extended family unit. The basic Halfling family units are the Clan and Burrow. The Clan is a group of Halflings with the same family name, which can then be further broken into smaller family units called the Burrow, a group of Halflings from a particular Clan living in the same place. They are also generally pious, with most worshipping Cetheron.

In terms of relations with other races, halflings usually get along well with gnomes and find them most delightful company. Halflings find the history and familial relations of elves and humans particularly interesting and are usually suckers for a good familial tale. With all other races, the Halflings generally have neutral feelings with the exception of this is the much larger races, such as Orcs, Ogres and Giants who halflings hold a special fear to because of their eating habits.
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[top]Notable Skills and Traits

Due to the dexterity and surprising strength of halflings, they are not bad fighters though they are small in size. However as most are pacifists they have no interest in combat.
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Halflings do not, as a rule, practice magic. It is not for lack of ability, simply for lack of interest. The study of the arcane simply does not interest many of them.
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The halfling race is their uncanny dexterity and hand-eye coordination. Due to these inherent racial abilities Halflings have a strong affinity toward related practices and as such are peerless, archers, acrobats and - much to the chagrin of others - thieves. Halflings also have an aptness for diplomacy, commerce, and trade and are well respected in the many fields they fill in the empire.
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Special Abilities, Weaknesses and Resistances
The Halfling race has the sharp eyesight, but their other senses are comparable to that of humans.


Credit goes to Sheng Kaldres for the original write-up

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