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Centripax Province Map
The Administrate of Centripax



Centripax, also commonly know as The Administrate of Centripax, is arguably the most central and the largest province in all of the Aelyrian Empire. It stretches all the way from the Great Centripax Basin and the border of Moonstone to the west, right to the edge of the Khardran Mountains in the Principality of Prime to the East. To the north it is flanked by the Great Mountains and Arium, and to the south, the great Dolwood Forest along the border with Medonia and Maeve. The province itself is split into three main regions, the Dwarflands, Great Centripax Basin and Subterranea.

Official Name: The Administrate of Centripax
Capital City: Primus Gaudeo
Motto: "Not Bent, Never Broken"
Official Beast: The Dove
Provincial Colors: Light blue and dark blue
Provincial Anthem: "Pro Veldaris"
Special Territories: None


The history of early Centripax is one that is dominated by foreigners whose vision and effective rule quickly rendered spellbound the native dwarven inhabitants of these lands, leading to an era of peace and prosperity unattainable in pre-Centripian times. In only two centuries, the reigns of Dukes Doli of Kjarn and Socrates de Ambergois transformed this region from a war-torn, beleaguered confederation of dwarven clans to the prosperous center of scholarship, recreation, art, and peaceful celebration of life for the entire Kingdom. It is through the mandate and patronage of the latter duke that this history is recorded for future citizens of this realm, so that they may be aware of the heights to which Centripax was propelled, in the hopes that she will always be peaceful and free.
Further reading: History of Early Centripax, Historia


The ducal house of Centripax is held by Tiyribi Andares, who also sits as the governor of the province.
Further Reading: A Primer to Politics, Current Office Holders, A Primer to Nobility


Centripax is split into three distinct regions based on terrain and topography.
The eastern most region of Centripax, the Dwarflands ranging from Vesta's southern border to the north down to Maeve Province's northern border to the south. The Dwarflands touches a small portion of Prime Province's western border. The Dwarflands is a region of forests and grassland, with Frumplewood Forest to the northwest and the magical Dolwoods to the south.
For more information: Dwarflands
The Great Centripax Basin
A region of thick forests, the Great Centripax Basin region boasts the empire's largest freshwater lake, the Great Centripax Basin, a man-made waterway meant to ease travel to the sea. The region stretches away from the border of Moonstone to the west, along the foothills of the Great Mountains and through the Dolwoods along the border with the Refuge of Medonia.
For more information: Great Centripax Basin
The region of Subterranea encompasses the southern peaks and foothills of the Great Mountains. This region stretches westward from Frumplebush Forest in the east to the ruined city of Riparia. It is a dangerous and craggy region with few settlements and travelers save for the most hardy and adventurous of individuals.
For more information: Subterranea

[top]Major Cities

The major cities within the province of Centripax
Primus Gaudeo
Primus Gaudeo is the capital city of the province of Centripax, it stands tall and proud against the back drop of the mighty alpine like mountain ranges that guard its northern back. The city founded by Duke Doli based on a premise of peace and reconciliation has grown to its current majestic size by offering all the diverse species that inhabit Aelyria a place to call home.
For more information: Primus Gaudeo

The current city of Zerdargia has not always been as it is now. It is in fact built on the site of an older city, the original dwarven kingdom of Dargis. Powerful magics and grand structures are said to still be there, waiting for the rebirth of the city.
For more information: Zerdargia

The town is Natura is navigated by quaint cobblestone streets that weave between cherry blossom trees, with the larger trees being found near the borders and outskirts of the city. Despite the almost overwhelming amount of trees, wood is used very little in construction because of Natura's connection to nature and the Dwarves.
For more information: Natura

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