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Domestic and wild predators



Felines are one of the world's most popular domestic animals because they are beautiful, enigmatic and easy-to-care for. Mischievous, playful, alluring and intuitive: cats embody the essence of magic and mystery. No other creature can be labeled as the most effective form of pest control and guardian of foodstuffs than Aelyria’s colorful and varied felines

[top]Physical Appearance

Felines are a carnivorous furred four-legged predators that come in a vast array of shapes and sizes throughout Aeylria. The feline comes in two forms: Domestic and Wild. While both forms have similar characteristics, the deciding factors for categorization two fold: size and the ability to roar. Domestic cats can make an amazing series of vocalizations (including mewing, meowing, purring, hissing, growling, chirping, and grunting) but they cannot roar. Wild felines can.

Both wild and domestic felines share a great number of characteristics. Most felines have five claws on their front paws, and four or five on their rear paws. Normally, these claws are retractable. Felines have a remarkably varied amount of fur throughout the entire family. Some have short sleek fur and are found in desert conditions. Some have multiple layered fur that allow them to exist in environments that other species, including humanoids, would have remarkable trouble surviving within. Feline senses are attuned exclusively for hunting. They have a highly advanced set of senses, including hearing, eyesight, taste, and touch receptors. These touch receptors are called whiskers. Whiskers are dozens of movable vibrissae over their body and face which feed information back to the cat about its environment.

[top]Climate and Terrain

Domestic and wild felines have been found in all forms of climate and terrain throughout Aleyria. Their distinguishing breed characteristics often come from adaptations made in the general feline type to thrive in specialized climates. Thus, whether it is in bit cities like Aelyria Prime or in the Arakmat Desert, felines thrive realm-wide.


The felines of Aelyria are almost exclusively carnivores. The very nature of their bodies, primarily their short gastrointestinal tract, offers a very limited amount of space and time for digestion as food passes through. Because of this body design, they must eat frequently and consume flesh which is high in protein. This does not mean they won’t opportunistically feed, or occasionally ingest grasses or herbs which aid them in regurgitating hairballs that accumulate in their stomachs from their grooming habits. Their teeth also are designed almost exclusively to slice meat from bone, and they have no form of grinding surface to masticate grains, greens, or other sorts of nutrients. So these facts alone limit what they can ingest.

Depending upon their size, food sources might change. For example, palm kittens and flower weavers normally feed on anything very small… shrews, moles, bites from carcasses, and insects. Insects are a very similar energy rich source of nutrition to raw meat. A dozen big grasshoppers can make a nice meal for a palm kitten, as much as a nice fat rabbit would feed a bobcat for an entire day.


Felines are highly social creatures. Some forms of felines, the Primus Lion for example, have even developed highly complex social survival strategies. Although they can be territorial and solitary, all feline species come together at one point or another in their lives to mate. Some species, mainly those domesticated, have even developed a symbiotic social relationship with humanoids as pets. Traditionally, felines have worked side by side with their humanoid partners to improve life overall for each species. It’s even evident that domestic felines use different body and vocal languages when dealing with humanoids, than they do dealing with other felines.


Cats will first lash out with their claws when seeking to defend themselves but will also rely on their teeth to protect themselves. Small cats tend to desire running and hiding from a perceived threat, although some will stand their ground. Large cats will often stand their ground and pursue a fight unless their odds are significantly against them.

[top]Special Abilities

Felines are quick and agile, often landing on their feet when falling from a significant height. They are fairly good at being able to see in the dark.


Nothing of note.

[top]Other Notable Information

There are a large number of cat breeds found throughout Aelyria, both big and small. Large wild cats include the staple cheetah, lion, cougar, tiger, leopard, jaguar and the smaller bobcat. Rarer wild cats include the Arium Chameleon Cat, the Firestalker, the Great Panther, the Medonian Mimic, the Primus Lion and the Sherian Swordtooth.

Domesticated felines are many varied as well and include some rarer versions, the Alicat, the Dolwood Feathertail, the Flower Weaver and the Palm Kitten.


Credit goes to Gossamer and Nimh.

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