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Castle Leadan

Castle Leadan
Castle Leadan is the seat of power of the Isle of Modisia and the home of the "royal family" with the same name. It is located on the southern coast of the largest island of Ios, within the great southern expanse of the Balearic Forest.


By form and function, Castle Leadan is a palace, but it is consistently called a castle. Its architectural style is a romantically inspired blend of Neo-Renaissance and Gothic Revival. A Medonian influence can be observed in the interior courtyard facades, which have allegorical hand-painted murals and ornate fachwerk similar to that seen in the mainland of Enamoria. Interior decoration is mostly Baroque influenced, with heavy carved woods and exquisite fabrics.

The castle has a 3,200-square-metre (34,000 sq ft) floor plan with over 170 rooms including 30 bathrooms. All the rooms are extremely lavishly furnished and decorated to the slightest detail. The Modisians host one of the finest collections of art in all the greater Empire, consisting of statues, paintings, furniture, arms and armor, gold, silver, stained glass, ivory, fine china, tapestries, and rugs. The collection of arms and armor has over 4,000 pieces, divided between war pieces, ceremonial or hunting pieces.

A towering statue of Queen Leah overlooks the main entrance. Many other statues are present on the seven terrace gardens, mostly of marble. The gardens also host fountains, urns, stairways, guarding lions, marble paths, and other decorative pieces including many carved fish, the symbol of house Modisia.

Several auxiliary buildings were built simultaneously with the castle: the guards' chambers for the Modisian Mariners, the Treasury, the royal stables and the Refugio de Cazadores, the Royal Hunting Lodge.


The castle was built in 9106 after the Isles gained independence from the Kingdom of Daltina, and Duchess Leah named herself Queen of the Isles. It was originally named Castle Tearom but then renamed Leadan for reasons no longer recalled. To this day it remains the seat of power for the Isles and the home of the "royal" family of Modisia.


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