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The great River Carmelya that runs from south to north in the eastern side of the United Arium Directorate.

River Carmelya
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One of the largest rivers in the Aelyrian Empire begins as no more than a babbling spring high in the eastern peaks of the Great Mountains. This, when combined with snow run-off that melts year-round, quickly turns into rushing falls and rapids that pour down toward the Ariumite Hinterlands. By the time the river turns around the city of Vortex, it moves violently, wide and deep with a raging and dangerous current. The River Carmelya waters the farmlands around the now-returned city of Aslangrad, turning into a watery thoroughfare as it passes by Estelgorod and eventually empties into the western edge of the Eunesian Sea.


The River Carmelya single-handedly irrigates the entire eastern side of Arium, thus feeding the large cities of Vortex and Aslangrad. It also serves as Vortex's primary source of fresh water and its strong current used to generate power for its industrial needs. Near Aslangrad, the river widens enough that its notorious southern rapids calm, allowing easy travel for merchants and traders to transport goods between interior Arium and the Eunesian and Prime ships.

The wildlife in the River Carmelya is varied. In its southern regions where the water is fresher, it is fished heavily. Near Aslangrad and further north, the river is used to drain sewage and other trash from the city, making its flora and fauna unusable.


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