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Carmelya, the Aetherian Goddess of Nature

Carmelya, the Lady of Nature



Carmelya is one of the older deities in the Aetherian pantheon, her creation predates the archons, indeed the only two older than her are Orod and Ioannes. She once ruled as the queen of Aetheria and represents nature and the earth in several of its aspects. She seeks harmony between nature and civilisation, and while she is regarded as the farmer's friend, she can often be the poacher's enemy.
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The Church of Faith relates that in the very first days there was Ioannes, and then he spoke the Word and the Word became the Law. The Law caused Carmelya to rise out of the very earth as a guardian of the Order inherent in nature. Whether this is when Carmelya truly came into existence or she is actually much older than this, relating back to the older pantheon, is uncertain.

There is a widely held belief that Carmelya existed long before Ioannes and that it was she who first created the world and all its living creatures. These people believe that it was Carmelya that invited Ioannes to rule alongside of her.

Whatever her origin, both myths agree that Ioannes eventually became infatuated with Diana. This fascination ultimately led to Diana rising in power, triggering a conflict between her and Carmelya. The particulars of the conflict are left to mortal speculation: did Diana simply wish to vie for domination as queen of Aetheria or was Diana's desire for industrial revolution in Aelyria the cause of the fallout? It is believed that the Diana lost her initial bid to banish Carmelya from Aetheria but her persistence, along with the help of Ioannes' obvious infatuation, ultimately paid off: Carmelya found herself exiled from Aetheria and closed off from Kelrondor, reputedly the land where her power was at its strongest. Her strength waned during this time and, even while tethered to the Material Plane, her influence everywhere weakened.

But a bet was struck between Diana and Carmelya: by the end of the Age of the Darkening, Diana would find herself dethroned and Carmelya would once again rise into Aetheria. Carmelya's end of the bet proved true although Diana wound find herself more than merely dethroned by the end of the Darkening. Diana's powers unraveled as her true, darker nature revealed itself in the heavens over the empire, ultimately destroying Diana. It was Carmelya who was there to offer her guidance to the new planetar of mercy, Aedaan.
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Having come out the victor at the end of the Age of the Darkening, Carmelya wass presently freed from her prison and her presence on the Material Plane is now stronger than ever before. The initial harvest that coincided with her release was extremely bountiful, seeing a renewable in the worship of Carmelya throughout the empire. For all that she could resume the throne as queen of Aetheria, Carmelya has, for the time being, decided to walk her own path rather than align herself once again with Ioannes.


Carmelya is the goddess of nature and has stronger ties to the Material Plane than many of the other Aetherians. Her interest lies not in nature, in and of itself, but its orderly conduct and harmony with civilisation. As such she despises the culling of animals and the destruction of forests, just as much as she cares for the farmer's harvest. Carmelya is not only the patron of farmers and hunters, she is also a perennial favourite for those who mine and delve beneath the surface, believed to be the guardian of treasures hidden in the earth.

She often appears in different guises, although all are generally recognised to be her. When she appears as a guardian of the forests and the wilds, she shows herself as an antlered hunter woman clad in greens and vines. Exactly how she appears will sometimes differ depending on the surrounding fauna and flora, but she is always seen wearing a thin silver crown. This guise is generally referred to as Our Lady of the Wild and is commonly most worshipped by hunters and druids who live in the wilds.

When safeguarding the harvests and farms her form is often that of a beautiful farmer dressed in golds and browns, with a crown of gold on her brow. This guise is known as the Queen of Harvests and her appearance has been known to safeguard harvests wherever she appears.

Her final guise is that of Mother Earth, an old woman bedecked in jewels and fungus in equal measure. This is perhaps the most rarely seen of the guises and the most bizarre. She is a favourite of treasure seekers and miners, for she is said to guard the treasures that are entombed in the earth. It is said this guise is also the most mercurial of the three, she will often show her distaste for the plumbing of the earth with earthquakes and cave ins.

Carmelya is said to have a special dislike for Haya and Xenarius

[top]Religious Organization

The veneration of Carmelya is encouraged by the Church of Faith and she enjoys perhaps the largest following of devoted believers throughout the Aelyrian Empire. Wherever there are farmers and hunters there will be shrines to Carmelya, even though larger temples can sometimes be found even these are rarely located in cities. Because she lacks the martial aspect of many of her Aetherian brethren her followers are usually also among the most peaceful to be found. Her priests and followers are often devoted to the idea of balance between nature and civilisation and will generally work to halt anything that tilts that balance one way or another.
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As is befitting the Queen of Nature, Carmelya has several festivals in her honour. Carmelya's awakening is celebrated at the festival of Prima Vera, every year, and likewise the beginning of her slumber is marked by the Primehiems. Although these two are the most important celebrations connected to the goddess she is generally venerated at a number of occasions. Prayers and offerings are often given to Carmelya for a vast variety of reasons: during weddings, to ensure the conception of children; during the sowing of a field, to ensure that the harvest will come in; at the start or end of a hunt, as a thanks for the bountiful game or to cement the chance of plentiful game. It is even said that women have certain special rites and celebrations in Carmelya's name that they never share with men.
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[top]Notable Figures

With Carmelya's lengthy exile from Aetheria and her connection to the Material Plane, she has constructed for herself a court outside of the Aetherians. Among these are several incarnations of specific nature spirits that serve a variety of purposes.
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Aedaan: While not strictly a minion or working under Carmelya, it was Carmelya who was present at the time when the Ancient Aelyrian became infused with Diana's former merciful energies. The goddess of nature has been acting as Aedaan's mentor, working to guide the new planetar towards a far better understanding of what it means to be merciful than Diana ever had.

Ainle: Said to be carved from the very spirit of the great cat, Ainle is best known as the archon of cats. While she will sometimes look favourably on hunters and their kind, Ainle is primarily an enemy to plagues and vermin. It is said that to whisper in the ear of a cat is to talk to Ainle and people will often carve the image of the archon on the side of granaries to protect its contents from rats. Typically Ainle is portrayed as black cat with green eyes.

Calyvorra: When a great famine was sweeping through the lands Calyvorra, the Cow-Mother, came to Carmelya and offered her a deal. In return for Carmelya finding a home for her people and growing their number beyond measure, she would offer to feed those who still lived. Calyvorra offered up the milk and the meat of her own people in return for security and shelter from the wolves who would eat all of her kind. Now cattle can be found everywhere and Calyvorra's pact is honoured, she herself serving beneath Carmelya as the protector of livestock. Calyvorra is often portrayed as a wise old woman with the head of a cow and a crown.

Moffal: The archon of agriculture takes the form of a jovial chubby man named Moffal. He is one of the more devoted of Carmelya's archons, known for his laugh and his gullibility Moffal is a kind and gentle sort. While he is technically the archon of agriculture, he also has a passion for brewing and is considered something of a patron for brewers and vintners. His hair is made out of a thousand different sprouts which he plants at the start of spring, leaving him bald most of the year, these very sprouts provide the food on which the gods themselves dine and he will occasionally offer them as great treasures to mortals. Moffal is especially pleased by songs in his name and has more than once been fooled into drinking himself to sleep while someone shears the precious sprouts from his head.

Jakruta: Jakruta is, technically, the archon of flowers and painters. Her actual task is more important than that, every spring and autumn she goes out with her paintbrush to ensure that all the new plants and animals are the correct colour. Only when winter comes does she get some degree of rest, and that is why snow is white. Jakruta rarely ever appears to anyone as she is far too busy to deal with mortals, but she will occasionally steal paint when she's running low, so painters will generally offer a prayer to Jakruta whenever they see some of their paint has gone missing. Jakruta is generally shown as a diminutive winged female with a large paintbrush.

Roxar Goldentooth: Roxar Goldentooth is the archon and guardians of treasures hidden in the ground. Befitting his name, his teeth are made of gold, while the rest of him is a loose compilation of earth and roots. While many think of Roxar Goldentooth as a guardian of buried treasure, he is just as much a guardian of seeds and other things buried in the ground. Roxar Goldentooth is as stubborn as he is generous, as the story goes Carmeyla elevated him to his current position after he argued with Jalat for so long that a seed the god had come to collect had enough time to sprout again.

Xenarius: Now a Planetar in his own right, Xenarius started out as a rebellious archon of the wild under Carmelya. Since then he has become the Planetar of the Wilds, seeking to overthrow the balance between nature and civilization that Carmelya so dearly treasures.


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