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Candace's Respite


Candace's Respite
Tiny way station at the head of the Khardran Pass, within the Khardran Mountains of Prime.
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Candace's Respite is nestled at the foot of the Khardran Mountains, overlooking the flat and verdant plains of the fields of Prime. This tiny hamlet is nothing more than half a dozen, ancient stone houses, grouped closely together along the single road that leads travellers through the mountains to Enamoria. Within these homes live half a dozen families of hardy countrymen and woman who live, hunt, farm and survive in this often dangerous region for trolls, ogres and orcs roam the Khardran Mountains.

Nevertheless, Candace's Respite is considered a necessary and restful stopping point for any traveller stepping into or out of the Khardran pass, and the small village features an infamous inn and tavern, as well as a general goods and supply store, stables, and a trading stand. The locals are considered friendly, if a little rough around the edges.


Originally established by traders as a waystation for goods and an overnight rest stop for horses and caravans, Candace's Respite attracted a coterie of merchants and enterprising shoppe keepers following the early journeys of Queen Candace du Rose. Named after the first spouse of the First Kingdom, Candace's Respite was the site of a thrilling parade welcoming the Royal Caravan and retinue of the Queen on her inaugural journey from Arconis to Colonia for the Coronation.


The permanent citizenry of Candace's Respite is fully human. While their culture originated from Prime, the influence of nearby Enamoria and the diversity of their travelers has made the city a melting pot, particularly as their finances and wealth are directly dependent on ensuring their varied customer population are happy and well-kept.

[top]Local Government

As nothing more than a few houses and inns, Candace's Respite has no local government of note.
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  • Population: 20-30 permanent residents, many travelers and adventurers during the warmer months.
  • Culture: Mostly human. The people are commoners and simple folk.
  • Economy: Small and dependent completely on travelers passing through. Low standard income (Individuals: Copper-Bronze Tier, Businesses: Tin-Silver).
  • Trade: Most goods imported from Enamoria or Prime, with the exception of hunted animals and products.
  • Landmarks: Khardran ruins, Ranger Tower


Credit goes to Kaelon for the original write up, additions by Sarah

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