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Agricultural epicenter of the Crown Province of Prime.
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South of the River Ioannes, barely east of Aelyria Prime and west of the Pegasi Woods and the Khardran Mountains, Candaceburg proper is a large, wide spread of agrarian fields and farmhouses, the former of which are said to be enchanted by the goddess Carmelya herself. The "town" is no more than a collection of buildings in the center of these fields, where harvests are stored and traded to the rest of the Empire.


Watered by the River Ioannes and protected by the distant Khardran Mountains, nature made the valley of Candaceburg fertile and flat for ideal conditions for cultivation. Farmers began to colonize the area in the very earliest recorded days of the Aelyrian Empire, reporting that the weather was pleasant year-round and that their crops grew far more rapidly than predicted to give approximately four harvests per year.

Legend states that in times past during Carmelya's imprisonment on the Material Plane, the land was blessed by the goddess of nature which led to its abundant fertility. Candaceburg quickly became the agricultural center of the Empire and the primary provider of foodstuffs both plant and livestock-based, exporting throughout the provinces. It has often been the focus of military occupation during the Aelyrian civil wars for its importance to the empire's infrastructure.


Originating from citizens disgruntled with city life in nearby Aelyria Prime, Candaceburg's population is primarily human, but has in recent years attracted other races as well to its quiet, rural lifestyle. Most homes are spread out miles from others across farmland and fields, thus leading to very limited interaction between its people except when traveling to the town center usually on business. As such, the people of Candaceburg are a quiet sort, keeping to their own business and tending to their crops and livestock without much concern beyond the basic necessities.

[top]Local Government

While using the Aelyrian style of municipal government of thane, prefect, and aedile, Candaceburg also has formed a variety of local city councils to control and organize the business of running the town, selling their crops, and controlling the economy and local society.
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  • Population: 100,000 permanent inhabitants, including laborers
  • Culture: Primarily human of common-ranked origin.
  • Economy: Stable. The council's strict control of the region's economy ensures that farms remain in individual hands, rather than oversized corporations or leagues (Individuals: Bronze Steel Tier, Businesses: Tin Silver Tier).
  • Trade: Entirely agriculture-based. Lack of high society and wealth keeps imported goods to the basic needs of farming and farmers.
  • Landmarks: Forest Hall of Elemen, Jonas P. Circle of Wizdom


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