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A cross between rabbits and cats.



Somewhere in the Lauryllian Gracelands of the Lauryl Kingdom of Lylles, Noelydo, a young student with an active imagination and a perverse curiosity stole a gray rabbit in heat and threw the poor creature into a cage with a male cat. Though the cage was small, they soon engaged in the act of rather unnatural procreation. Unfortunately, the two were not meant to be and the cat soon died of starvation and exhaustion; Noelydo, preoccupied with his studies, had forgotten about his poor prisoners.

The womb of the rabbit swelled and before a new season arrived, the pregnant rabbit became a mother of a litter cabbits. Due to their new and unstable blood, only two survived, a male and a female. The rabbit mother and her offspring managed to escape their imprisonment. Aelyrians have a habit of poking fun at those who "Breed like cabbits" because the two surviving cabbits gave rise to generations upon generations of more cabbits.

[top]Physical Appearance

The first two cabbits were dapple gray in color. Both were less than one foot tall in height and less than five inches in width. As time passed, depending on their environment, the cabbits’ fur coats developed into a large array of pretty colors, from bluish-gray to light pastel green to dark brown and blacks and even slightly rouge-pink. Rare cabbits are spotted or fully white in color. The most prized of them all are silvery-white cabbits with fur that faintly glows during dusk time, like the coat of ghostbanes.

Their ears are slightly pointy and long, they look corpulent when they sit down or sleep, curled into a ball of fur. When they pounce or run, one can see the grace of a feline in their movements. Their eyes are usually dark in color, reflecting little light. They are very expressive and seemingly intelligent creatures. Their nails are sharp and their paws are furry. They have tails like cats, round and furry faces, warm bellies, and short limbs.

[top]Climate and Terrain

Highly adaptive, they do have the best of two species, and can be domesticated. Despite this observation, cabbits seem to favor warm and dry climates and gentler weather. Sly creatures they are, but not rare, and one could find them in many pet shoppes around the Empire. They are expensive in general because they are not easy to catch.

If trapped in the wild during a rainstorm with no shelter, cabbits would make use of leaves and shield their superficial little heads from the rain. During the wintertime, cabbits sleep at least twenty hours a day, leaving nine hours for hunting, playing, and procreating. During the summertime, if the weather is too warm, the cabbits will shed their coat of fur naturally, with their pink flesh exposed to the elements.

The cabbits make forests across the empire their home. Many are found in the Enamorian Midlands and Primus Countryside.


Cabbits are herbivores but have a particular love for sweets and fragrant wines.


There is no set organization, the cabbits do what they please. They do not have mates for life, they are independent creatures who do not value family bonding and they do not have any form of hierarchy, with the exception of Fur Pride. Being superficial creatures, those with the most beautiful coat of fur receive gifts of berries and shiny pebbles. There are exceptions. Some cabbits value playing time over self-preening and grooming. Cabbits with shoddy and muddy or dirty fur experience Fur Shame, where other cabbits will ignore them and even chuck jagged pebbles at them.


Relatively peaceful, cabbits hardly act offensively. They have sharp nails on their furry paws and teeth capable of cutting through soft flesh, but usually, cabbits would rather not fight or spill blood. They value the cleanliness of their beautiful furs, and spots of blood detracted from their pulchritude. Their defensive skills are strong and they are masters of human psychology, especially regarding females and children and unmanly men. Their adorable physical appearance is one form of defense. Shiny and bright eyes are impossibly big, expressive, and heart wrenching. Their coats of fur are thick and warm and soft and even if they were to roll in mud, they give off a natural fragrance fresh and sweet scented. They can clean themselves and would rather an owner not groom their fur. Petting and belly-rubbing is fine.

If cuteness could not warm hearts of their opponents, predators and attackers, then they rely on their swiftness, agility and their ability to run and hide. Finally, when necessary, they will shapeshift to protect themselves. Being mischievous creatures, they will sometimes shapeshift to wreak havoc on poor, unsuspecting fools.

[top]Special Abilities

Some cabbits are capable of shapeshifting. They can shapeshift into objects and entities they have seen in the past. Cabbits are small and their new forms will abide to the mass-constraint rule. Shapeshifting depends on the cabbit's experience; the more the cabbit shapeshifts, the faster and better it will be able to do so in the future.

How many cabbits shapeshift? Apparently, all cabbits are born with the ability, but without the need, the cabbit will not shapeshift. Shapeshifting results from their mischief and having a strong need for an energy outlet. As a result cabbits shapeshift to play tricks on various creatures they are certain are not their predators. Cabbits also shapeshift to defend themselves. They may also have shapeshifting contests to attract and court mates.

Though the ability is inherent, only 1 in 8 cabbits shapeshift proficiently.

Cabbits are adaptive and surprisingly strong despite their fragile and adorable appearances. Quite noteworthy however is their love for sweets and fragrant wines. To easily catch a cabbit, set a bowl of wine to sit in the wild where they reside, and wait for their sneaky arrival. Though clever and sly, they are quite foolish in the presence of sweet grape wines and will drink the whole bowl until they become drunk; however, some cabbits have high tolerance for alcohol, especially those from Jaedaxia. They can feign unconsciousness and just when the hunter tries to approach and catch the creature, it will hop away.

Cabbits of the wild are typically stronger than the ones the fae breed. Domestic cabbits are fickle critters. Theoretically, they need pampering and a lot of attention.

[top]Other Notable Information

Cabbits, depending on the color of their fur and their shapeshifting mastery, are extremely costly to purchase as a pet. If a pet shoppe sells them on the cheap, then the cabbit is probably just a cat or rabbit in disguise. Though their population in the empire is high, they are sly creatures; catching a cabbit takes patience, skill and wit. As a pet, cabbits are wonderful critters who value their freedom and personal space; however, if you start to neglect these creatures, they will not be happy. They want to know they are loved and yet will fight their owner for independence! As an animal of the wild, they are special little creatures, far more brilliant and adorable than many.


Credit goes to Jaali Desseren

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