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A small, rustic village along the north western coast of the Confederation of Sherian. It is a tributary to orcs based out of the Khardran Mountains.



Breecetoun is a medium sized backwater village governed by a thane who is sometimes the Baron of Breecetoun. While the village itself was never an official baron, the castle that overlooks the relatively quaint village was home to a line of Barons who lorded over the area and may not be currently recognized by the Aelyrian Empire. Their barony title was derived from their sworn fealty to Queen Katishandra of the Daittern Kingdom, prior to the fall of the Daittern Kingdom.


Breecetoun was a part of a miniature kingdom in its own right, which included some of the border cities between Daittern and present day Autumnus. Perhaps some of the most famous names in this miniature kingdom were that of Baron Alyen and his adoptive, mage-aspirant son, Randal of Breecetoun. Randal is famed with having ventured to the city of Peda on one particular outing, and eventually came to study under the famous Illusionist of their times, Master Court Mage, Lord Petrucio of Peda.*

Well known for its excellent footmen and old world spellcasters, Breecetoun was also an aspiring center of the arts but all of this collapsed when the Grand Duchy of Phondra finally conquered all of the Phondran Peninsula, snuffing out the Kingdom of Daittern once and for all, which obviously crippled those who had sworn fealty to it, such as Breecetoun. In the years that would follow, Breecetounís culture began to stagnate until it became relatively insignificant compared to other towns with little weight behind its name.

In the aftermath of the Sherian Civil War, Breecetoun was left to fend for itself as the Imperium abandoned the province of Sherian. Managing to eke out a living, they eventually came under assault by strange shadowy creatures in the night, dragging people away into the darkness. Rescued by a rampaging orc horde, they now serve as tributaries to these orcs and provide taxes and foodstuffs in exchange for protection.


Breecetoun is still seen as quite the rustic, backwater village it was known for in the years of the Daittern Kingdom. The people are close-minded and often prejudiced, with a strong hatred for orcs and those associated with them. However, desperate times have led to them putting this aside in pursuit of survival.

[top]Local Government

Breecetoun is left to govern itself by its orc overlords and practices the same government set-up as its other towns, with a thane heading the city.
Further Reading: A Primer to Aelyrian Politics, Current Office Holders


  • Population: Around 500
  • Culture: Humans and cethers
  • Trade: Fishing, Wool
  • Landmarks: Baronial Castle


Original write-up by Trinity, edited by Indefinite.

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