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Breaking of the Chain

An event that took place in N'Danosh.


[top]The Coming Storm

The region that is now called N'Danosh was once part of the Xet Alliance and included a populous city and the mining town of Kzr Ankh. It was home to hundreds of thousands, although the majority of them were slaves to their Xet overlords. According to the religious scholars there were many signs pointing to the coming of the Nameless God, stillborn children, goats with two heads, and so on. Actually verifying that this is true however is difficult.

[top]The Breaking of the Chain

Sometime in Era V Post Fractum, the being known as the Nameless God appeared and laid waste to the Xet infrastructure in the area. The Xet fought back fiercely, refusing to yield to the onslaught of this foreign god and the result was devastating. The River Vssk changed its course, new mountains and ravines were created, the land itself seemed to be poisoned by the weapons used. It was a long, drawn out fight before the Xet finally managed to fight the Nameless God to a standstill in the Scrublands of what would come to be N'Danosh. The site of the final battle was so scarred by the events that took place there that it remains utterly inhospitable and a place where reality itself seems to break down to this very day.
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[top]The Aftermath

After the Nameless God had driven the Xet out of N'Danosh its people were left to fend for themselves. The city that had once been there was utterly ruined, the mining outpost was drowned, and only a precious few survived of the hundreds of thousands that had once lived there. In the early days many of them walked off into the desert and were never heard from again, likely ending their life. Those that remained formed the Free Cities of N'Danosh and set about constructing a society out of the ruins the Nameless God had left them in.



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