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Boxing is an unarmed combat skill.
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In the context of where two people faced each other in a regulated place like a fighting ring, and where rules and regulations are kept and enforced by another person acting as a referee, boxing is like a sport. In the above situation, the aspect of life threatening is being minimized, as the referee often stops a fight before it gets life threatening. People that engaged in boxing are not supposed to fight to the death and most people that engaged in boxing usually come out of a boxing fight, not mortally harmed, with a few bruises and at most a few broken bones.

Then, there is the other context and situation. There are no rules and no regulation regarding boxing and there is no one to stop a fight if it becomes life threatening. Such forms of boxing are often malicious and aim to maim the opponent rather than killing the opponent.

Boxing is an unarmed combat made up primarily of punching, using jabs and uppercuts to disable an opponent. There is some legwork involved as well, though minimal in comparison.


As it is known, the origins of boxing begin with the nobles of the Aelyria Empire. It was the era that the De Lylles started their dynasty and nobles houses sprang up. A young minor noble, known as the Baron of Boxing and another young noble, known as the Baron of Yawse, decided to have it out by fighting with their bare hands. The reason that started this fight was said to be a woman. To ensure that no one would be seriously hurt in the fight, the nobles tied down the rules and regulations for the fight, and that there will be a neutral party to act as a referee. One of the rules then was to only use the hands only. So in their untrained way, the two nobles fought each other. After a long and tough fight, the Baron of Boxing won the match. And soon, many nobles followed in the wake of this fight to organize fights of their own, using the same rules and regulations, as a way to settle grudges. Such a way of fighting was named boxing after the winner of the fight in which the Baron of Boxing won, and boxing developed into a kind of sport for the bored nobles, in addition to its original function as a way to settle grudges.

So the sport flourished and techniques were invented for the art. Many noble families held open boxing contest during festivities, inviting all to join in. Such contests had two purposes, one is to let the usually pampered Nobles have a certain amount of exercise, the other, which is more sinister, is to let rivals have a go at each other legally, out in the open. So it not surprising that sometimes, the techniques were quite brutal with the aim to maim the opponent rather than just defeat the opponent but with a referee around, such brutality was kept to a minimum.

[top]Technique Examples

The Basic Jabs: In Boxing, there are two kinds of basic jabs that a student can learn. One is the short version, which is more powerful and one is the version with a longer ranger, which is less powerful.

The Traditional Upper Cut: When one is close to an opponent, it is hard to use the Straight Fist. And so the needs for a technique with the arms bend, using the same muscles as the Straight Fist.

The Snap Kick: As it is implied, the Snap Kick is done by a snap with the legs. The quicker the Snap Kick is executed, the larger the strength of the Snap Kick will be. So the student is encouraged to practice diligently to get the increase in speed of the Kick.


Credit goes to Sheng Kaldres for the original write-up.

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