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Bludgeoning Weapons

Bludgeoning weapons that may be used in combat either with one hand or with two. These weapons include the mace, club, warhammer and the flail.
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[top]Weaponry Break Down

Here is a list of blunt weapons typical to Aelyria. This is not an exhaustive list.


A flail is largely a one-handed weapon with a wooden pole about a foot in length to grasp, attached to which is a metal chain about half the length of the pole. At the end of this chain is a small iron ball outfitted with spikes. In some cases a second chain with an additional ball may be added to the weapon. The wooden handles are twisted and whipped around to get the spiked balls flailing at their opponents. These are ideal bashing weapons, easily capable of smashing in an enemy's face with just the right amount of force applied behind its spin.


The mace is a club-like weapon with a long metal or wood handle with a heavy metal at the end. The mace's head is often smooth and round, but some weaponsmiths have been known to add nubs or flanges to add a bit of penetration to their strike. Maces are traditionally bludgeoning weapons, ideal for smashing in armor or helmets to say little of a skull. They are customarily two to three feet in length but may be made longer for combat on horseback.

Morning Star

Morning stars resemble maces insofar that they have a long wooden or metal handle with a heavy metal head at the end of the shaft. Unlike the mace, the morning star has the addition of one or more spikes. The heads of morning stars are often oblong but may be rounded into the form of a ball much like that of a mace. They are approximately the same size as a mace, ranging from two to three feet in length and were also made longer for calvary riders to use on horseback.


The warhammer may be considered both a pole weapon and a bludgeoning weapon depending on the size of the wooden pole to which the metal hammer is fixed. Long warhammers, more like a polearm, may be used on horseback, while warhammers used on foot are approximately two to three feet in length, much like a mace. The hammer at the end of the pole is shaped much like a hammer with a one-sided flat head with which to bash. Some hammers balance the hammer head out with a sharpened point to make the warhammer more versatile.

[top]Regional or Racial Popularity

Bludgeoning weapons are ideal for the brawnier races such as orcs and giants. They allow these larger races to make the most of their brute strength, exerting the most damage against enemies as they bash in skulls and armor on their way to victory.

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