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Bladed Weapons

Bladed weapons include those that are used to thrust, slice or accomplish both. These weapons include daggers, swords and axes.
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[top]Weaponry Break Down

Here is a list of bladed weapons typical to Aelyria. This is not an exhaustive list.


The axe is a brute-force bladed weapon, ideal for hacking, slashing and even throwing. The axe has a short wooden handle dominated at its end with a metal bladed head. Some axe heads have a dual-sided blade, ideal for slashing in one direction and redirecting the weapon to slash in the other. Other axes are crafted with a blade on the one side with a flat head on the other. Axes range in size from one to six feet in length, with the smaller ones capable of being wielded one handed and the larger requiring two hands to swing.


The dagger is a small, one-handed blade whose physical anatomy is similar to that of a sword with a singular blade, a cross-guard and a hilt. Daggers range in any number of sizes and shapes, some having a very narrow and pointed blade ideal for stabbing, such as the stiletto, and others being built to slash, with more attention given to the blade edges. While daggers can range into the exotic, such as the kris dagger with its wavy blade, and the serrated dagger with its toothed edge, most daggers are fairly standard with dual-edged blades and a fine point to allow versatility in both slashing and stabbing. Daggers are largely metal in construct, with blade and hilt often decorated according to the whim of the weaponsmith or the desire of the wielder.
Combat Style: Demir Kum

Swords are a popular weapon throughout Aelyria, both for adventurers and for militants. It is a versatile weapon composed of a blade, cross-guard and hilt, capable of being used on foot or on horseback. Sword styles are numerous, their blades and weight designed for specific purposes, such as stabbing, slashing or both. In some cases, such as with broadswords or longswords, the blades of swords are straight and edged on both sides, while others are edged along one side, such as with the backsword, or even curved as with the saber. The broad-bladed, double-edged gladius is a common weapon among the Imperial Legionnaires and the narrow-pointed rapier is popular among duelists and practitioners of El Viatre. Sword blades range in size from eighteen inches (shortswords) to forty-three inches (two-handed longswords).
Combat Style: El Viatre
War Fan

War fans are reminiscent of the decorative pieces used by nobility in that they are capable of folding and unfolding, but instead of paper or wood, the material used is that of metal. Approximately eight to ten metal slats are fastened together, with the broader, opened edge of the fan tapered into a sharpened edge. Fans are held at their bases and the combat used to make the fans effective is generally very agile and acrobatic in nature. The fans are primarily best used when in their fully opened position, but they may also be closed and shut throughout the duration of combat.

[top]Regional or Racial Popularity

Bladed weapons are used throughout the empire with variations found with every racial group and culture. Because they can be modified or sized to fit the needs of the wielder, they are truly ideal pieces of weaponry for any individual.

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