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Black Forest

The far-western forest on the border between Arium and Moonstone.

Black Forest
Further Reading: United Arium Directorate, Principality of Moonstone


The Black Forest composes the northern end of the border between the United Arium Directorate and the Principality of Moonstone, stretching from Port Wessex on the Bay of Kyathis to the foothills of the Great Mountains in southern Arium. The Black Forest is a vibrant concentration of life, being a hub of wide and varied species of trees, plant life, undergrowth, and fauna. It is an impressively large region, stretching from Steadfast Hold in the east to the outer borders of Kyathis on the west.

While snow is common during the winter months, the area the Black Forest covers also experiences pleasant springs, warm summers, and temperate autumns, taking on a more even mix of the arctic conditions of northern Arium and the arid ones of Moonstone. Many individuals have taken to living in the Black Forest proper, being able to live comfortably off the surrounding land. Many way-stations and trade posts can be found dotting the roads, making travel between Arium and Mooonstone both safe and comfortable.


The Black Forest is of a very bearable, livable climate, experiencing all four seasons equally and thus allowing for domestication and cultivation of its natural resources by cities in both Arium and Moonstone. Due to the heavy trade between the two provinces, the roads crossing the Black Forest have been well-maintained and are patrolled regularly by local militia and members of the prefecture for the nearby towns. Many farmers, hunters, woodsmen, and lumberjacks make their homes throughout the Black Forest and use its resources accordingly.

There is no known Enchanted Glade in the Black Forest, nor any recorded or proven records of supernatural or arcanic properties.


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