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Sulfur pools of Bellewoods
A region in the Principality of Moonstone.



The Bellewoods region sits in the center of the new Moonstone, reaching from the southern fringe of the High Desert region to the rivers Laroo and Lylles. Its eastern borders are marked by High Peak Mountain and the immediate neighboring peaks of the Great Mountains. Lauryl province sits to the immediate west of the region. Bellewoods was once categorized by its large expanse of woodlands, with jungle-like forests to the north and oak and maple trees growing thick to the south. Now the beautiful greenery is all dead and gone, rotting trees dapple the landscape with only hints of new growth peeking out. Foul-smelling sulfur pools have expanded from Frigid River well into the region, casting a cloud of stink and acid throughout the area. Bellewoods' trademark forests are now found only in the high ranges of the mountains to the east.


Once a part of the province of Lauryl this region was part of the lands that were struck by the Black Fog and what was once lush and green is now barren and inhospitable. After the conclusion of the Xet War the region was given to the new province of Moonstone. People who once called this region their home are slowly returning to find the shambles left behind.
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The region of Bellewoods is characterised by the miles of skeletal remains of ancient woodlands. While the entire region was once almost made up entirely of forestland, now only the high mountain slopes along the region's eastern border in the Great Mountains are host to healthy alpine trees. To the north the dead vegetation grows in thicker, making travel difficult, before coming to the edge of the High Desert. Nestling amidst the dense vegetation are all manner of strange and terrible beasts that have travelled here from Archaxetas.

Along the base of the mountains are what was once a series of hot springs and are now a series of shallow acidic pools carrying toxic sulfur gases throughout the region.

Near to the mountains and the desert, Bellewoods' temperatures are varied depending on location. The forests closest to the desert are dry and hot, with warm winters that seldom see snow. The areas closest to the mountains are influenced mainly by altitude, with winters generally bitterly cold and prolonged. Precipitation increases with elevation and occurs in the form of snow in winter, with many villages in the high valleys receiving more than fifty days of snow. The ruins of Frigid River have and the surrounding area plays host to acidic pools. Close to active or dormant volcanoes, this area of the region is somewhat warmer than others.

Natural Hazards
  • Animals
  • Rock Slides
  • Mudslides
  • Avalanches
  • Blizzards
  • Sulfur Clouds

Unnatural Hazards
  • Goblins
  • Bandits
  • Strange and unfamiliar beasts

[top]Land Use

Once a heavily wooded region, Bellewoods boasts a bevy of dead and rotting wood that is no longer suitable for most wood trades or uses. Only the higher slopes within the region's mountains boast healthy alpine wood, a boon to the surrounding areas. The jade mines in the southern sector of the region, as well as the iron and silver mines in the nearby mountain of High Peak, could be an invaluable bounty of trade.
Natural Resources
  • Lumber (alpine only)
  • Jade
  • Metal ore (iron, some silver)

[top]Points of Interest

The main areas of interest within the Bellewoods region.
Cities and Towns


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