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Bay of Kyathis

The great shared northern bay of the Northern Sea between Arium, Moonstone and Arakmat.

Bay of Kyathis
Further Reading: United Arium Directorate, Principality of Moonstone, Sultanate of Arakmat


The great Bay of Kyathis is the largest bay on the northern borders of the Aelyrian Empire. It stretches from Arcturas in Arium on its eastern edge, then down to Nexus Prime and Port Wessex, before its central arc ends at Kyathis in the Principality of Moonstone. The western Arakmat border includes Pendecia and Ruberium, while its northern edge bleeds back into the Northern Sea. The Bay of Kyathis is a wide, deep harbor, allowing for easy passage of even the largest and deepest ships into the interior port cities of the three provinces. While the currents in the icy, frigid waters are still notoriously strong, the treacherous waves and storms that characterize the Northern Sea are calmed by the large, embracing cliffs on the Arium side, leading to far calmer waters in the interior.

The eastern Ariumite shores of the bay are mostly snow-bound, rocky cliffs that are typically covered with great fixtures of ice nearly year-round. The southern shores of Moonstone near Kyathis are characterized by red clay beaches and far more temperate climates, while the Arakmatian western edges are sandy, comfortable beaches. Much of the usable shoreline has been converted to docks, fisheries, and ports in formerly in service to the Imperial Navy stationed at Solace Isle.


Almost all sea-bound trade with the three northern provinces of the Aelyrian Empire is funneled through the great Bay of Kyathis. Its ports have fed the growth and economy of cities like Nexus Prime and Kyathis. Its waters are also heavily fished and cultivated for other luxury goods, such as shellfish delicacies and whales. The pearls grown in some of the species of oyster in the Bay of Kyathis are considered the most beautiful known in Telath, with the legendary Black Pearls coming from a breed that is found only in the caves on the bay's floor.


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