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Bay of Kyathis


The Bay of Kyathis
A region in the Principality of Moonstone.



A once great region of felines and forests, the Bay of Kyathis now boasts barren dead trees and very little lifeforms to speak of. The deserts to the south of the region have begun to encroach on the southern lands of Kyathis, recent sandstorms stirring the dunes further north with only the rambling foothills along the south to act as a barricade. What little grasslands there were in the center of the region now stand as dead prairies, new growth struggling to fight its way through the dense and wasted grass. The shoreline of the bay is gently sloped and seldom rocky, ideal for beaching boats and small ships or for launching boats to take advantage of the fishing trade that still dominates the bay waters.

The Bay of Kyathis is bordered by Arium to the east, with the High Desert butting up against the southern reaches of the region and Sylrosia Forest snug against the Bay's western border.


An area once rich with katta history, the Bay of Kyathis now sits in ruins following the recent Xetan Invasion and the descent of the Black Fog. With the fog cleared and the Xet routed, the destruction of Kyathis is clear, with the ancient city of the katta flattened into nothing but broken timbers and crumbled stone and the region granted to the new Prince of Moonstone as part of his new province.
Further Reading: Historia, Recent Events


Along the western edge of the region, dead forestland stretches up towards the bay and down to the desert. Sands have encroached upon the once verdant landscape, with the desert winds blowing dunes further northward. The foothills from the Great Mountains encroach on the southeastern edge of the region, with hills and rough terrain common in that area of the region.

The climate is very mild and temperate, as the hot winds from the Arakmat Desert mingle with the cold winds from the Bay of Kyathis The summer is long and warm, while the winter is short, cool and rainy.

Natural Hazards
  • Wild storms
  • Rip tides
  • Sandstorms (near the desert)
  • Animals (few on land/mostly in the ocean)

Unnatural Hazards

[top]Land Use

The bay region is presently dominated by its fishing and sea trade, with most of its bounty coming from the bay the northern reaches of the region touch. Lumber used to be a major export along the bay but with the devastation brought by the Black Fog very little of that lumber remains in a useful form.
Natural Resources
  • Lumber (dead/rotten)
  • Fishing and Sea Products
  • Limited hunting

[top]Points of Interest

The main areas of interest within the High Desert region.
Cities and Towns
  • None


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