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Non-citizens of the Aelyrian Empire.



"Barbari" is the term used to denote individuals who either have not been born within the Aelyrian Empire or whose parents were not citizens. These can be individuals born in foreign lands, such as Trelore, or members of rural ethnic groups that do not abide by the laws and society of the empire, such as the Rhagrhnd humans of the Great Mountains.

Barbari do not enjoy any of the rights or privileges associated with citizenship and thus are not protected by Aelyria's laws. They are not recognized by the Aelyrian government and cannot participate in, gain from or use any of its political functions. Most significantly, barbari may be legally enslaved or summarily executed without reason and have no form of appeal.

A barbari may always apply for citizenship at any time. This process varies between locations but always requires the individual to swear off his previous allegiances and pledge instead to the Aelyrian Empire. After its completion, the barbari may then be issued an official Imperial Visa. The display of this visa is what theoretically prevents citizens from being mistaken for barbari.
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[top]Types of Barbarians Within the Empire

There are many different types of barbarians, found in different locations and living in different manners. This is by no means an exhaustive list.

[top]Plains Tribes

Plains tribes live wandering lives, more often than not, on the open plains of Aelyria. They are most commonly found in the grasslands of Northumbria and the Refuge of Medonia, although some have been found scattered throughout different provinces in smaller groups. These groups are more commonly hassled than any other group of barbarians, generally easier to find as they are. They are known for their horses, their main mode of transportation. Most commonly plains tribes are humans in make-up.

Plains tribes tend to keep to themselves and rarely look to get into trouble with Imperial law. They are avid tradesmen, preferring to maintain relationships with nearby cities as to be left alone by the legions and local authorities.


Gypsies are a wandering band of humans who often travel in caravan groups, referred to among themselves as kumpanias. Tight-knit family groups, they are often distrusting of outsiders but are usually more than happy to make coin off of them. They are best known for telling fortunes and stories as well as their flare for the dramatic, as they are often excellent performers in both dance and music. Because of their wandering nature, rarely staying in any given province and moving where the roads take them, they are generally viewed as thieving liars, largely because a good number of them do resort to pickpocketing and tricking Imperials out of their coin during their performances and fairs.

Gypsies are commonly referred to as Air'riela.

[top]Desert Nomads

Desert nomads are fewer now following the recent Xetan Invasion that swarmed over the Arakmat Desert but as people return to the battered province, these individuals are once again showing up in places. More often than not these individuals are humans, although the occasional band of dorins or even saurids are not unheard of. The Nairu humans are the best known through the desert lands, a dark-skinned people hardy to the hot, barren landscape.

Some of these desert tribes are notorious bandits, preying on travelers who have dared to brave the hot sands.

[top]Mountain Tribes

Many different individuals often choose to live within the mountains, separate from society. Some may be Imperial citizens while others are barbarian. Hermits are among these people, loners that have escaped out into the wilds to live separately from the ideals and expectations of the empire. When most talk about barbarians living in the mountains, they mean various tribes that have established themselves in different mountain ranges throughout the empire. The most infamous of these are a group known as the Rhagrhnd, a petite sub-group of humans that dwell in the high ranges of the Great Mountains. Pale of skin and hair, they are known for scarring their own faces to indicate status and accomplishment, as well as killing outsiders when they encounter them.

Humans are not the only types to establish tribes in the mountains, whether they are newer tribes or older and more wild. Rodenti that have escaped life from the underground have been known to set-up villages within the mountains, as have dwarves and elves.


Pirates and other maritime wanderers may often be barbari, whether by choice or by nature of their birth. While there are few seafaring tribes that are separate from the empire, they do exist, preferring to live on their ships or off-shore islands that may have been left alone by the Imperialists. More often than not these people may have abandoned Imperialistic societies, choosing to be rid of their visas and opt instead to live free of its boundaries.

Seafaring barbarians may also refer to races that live in the ocean itself, such as lutrans, Thelyri elves and merfolk. It is uncommon for these individuals to be Imperial citizens, although lutrans have been known to live closer to established towns and cities and of the three races are more commonly citizens.


Individuals born or living in subterranean societies, such as Vysstichi elves, dwarves, rodenti and gnomes, are often well removed from Imperialistic cities and towns wherein an aedile would give out a Imperial Visa. Most often these subterranean groups are isolationist in nature, preferring to keep away from the surface and those who dwell above. In some cases these tribes, cities or groupings are well-removed from developed areas but some have been known to become tied to surface cities above, making it more possible for Imperial ties to be found underground.

[top]Foreign Nationals

Non-citizens within the boundaries of the empire are not the only ones regarded as barbarians. Those born outside of Aelyria are also termed as barbarians, regardless of their allegiance to other countries. Citizens of Trelore are rare visitors to the Aelyrian Empire but are seen more now than they ever were before with the lifting of the Storm Barrier.

There are other kingdoms and countries over the seas surrounding Aelyria, including Daltice, K'Terak and Syl.
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These foreign nationals are considered similar to Aelyrian barbarians in that they do not enjoy the same rights as Imperial citizens.


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