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Banknotes, or cheques, are pieces of paper marked with the bank's seal that entitles an individual to the amount of money notated on the slip.
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The first records of banknotes date back to the early human kingdoms of Medonia and Daltina. Issued by guilds and trade associations, these documents initially represented little more than records of deposits and withdrawals. However, as the two cities grew in power and wealth, the crudely written notes were replaced by formal legal documentation that ultimately gave rise to modern banknote systems.

Many other kingdoms, states, and principalities implemented their own variation of the banknote system that rose and fell depending on the fortunes of its parent state. Only the rise of the Empire and the relative peace and stability allowed the rise of the Bank of Aelyria and the continent-wide banknote system.

[top]Acquiring & Using Banknotes

Customers obviously must have an account with the Bank of Aelyria, but the officials often request references and documents to prove that the customer is a citizen of good standing and strong character. The process of procuring and using a banknote is as follows:

1. A customer must request a banknote from a sworn officer of the Bank of Aelyria.
2. The officer will then record details regarding the customer (visa, identifying marks, et cetera), the branch of destination, and the amount.
3. Together the officer and the customer will write, sign, and seal the banknote. The customer will also be charged a fee for the service.
4. Upon reaching the destination, the customer can present the banknote to the local branch of the Bank of Aelyria. Once the document has been confirmed as real, the money will be given to the customer.
5. A message containing details of the banknote will be sent to the issuing branch to notify of the use of the banknote so that the reduction of the funds may be noted.

[top]Sample Banknote


On the 21st of Cryxatum of Era XVII Post Fractum:

Let it be known that the good and upstanding citizen Taylor McClain has been issued a banknote to the amount of three thousand crowns by the Bank of Aelyria according to the powers vested to the Royal Moneychangers by the Articles of Imperium. The bearer of this note is a citizen in good standing and possesses within his accounts funds equal to the stated amount.

The officer to whom this note is presented, after verifying the document and the identity of the bearer according to all right and reasonable measure, shall transfer into the bearerís control an amount of currency equal to the amount listed in this document.

Officer: Sarah Mian
Signatory: Taylor McClain


Only citizens of the empire are allowed to procure banknotes due to the fact that only those who keep money in the bank are able to obtain banknotes.

Bronze (1), Sterling (2) and Steel (3) tier players are not likely to possess banknotes while Ardentium (4) and Adamantite (5) tiers are more likely to be able to hold banknotes.
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